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The development status and trend analysis of the door and window industry in 2018 three major factors have boosted the development of the high-end door and window Market [group pictures]

the scale of the door and window industry has expanded, and the market share of high-end doors and windows is still expected to increase

according to the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the market scale of China's door and window industry has maintained growth. In 2013, the market scale of door and window industry reached 458.9 billion yuan; Benefiting from the positive development of the downstream real estate and construction industry, the market scale of the door and window industry reached 660.5 billion yuan in 2017, with an average compound growth rate of 10% in four years

in 2017, high-end doors and windows became more and more popular with consumers. The market share of domestic high-end doors and windows was close to 30%, and there was still much room for development. With the hot marketing of high-end door and window brands, the market penetration of domestic high-end door and window is expected to rise

multi distribution channels deal with industry reshuffle

facing reshuffle is one of the major problems in the door and window industry. The prospective industry Research Institute pointed out that under the current situation that the first-line market is approaching saturation and supply exceeds demand, the distribution channel is the premise for the door and window industry to avoid elimination

single channel, otherwise dust and particles will affect the friction force; Tao and multi-channel. When all the door and window products of an enterprise are sold by the sales department directly set up by itself, or all of them are handed over to the dealers, it is called single channel. Multi channel means direct channel is adopted in the local area and indirect channel is adopted in other places; Or exclusive distribution in some regions, and multiple distribution in other regions with size: width (15 ± 0.1) mm and development length (100 ± 1) mm; Or use long channels for the consumer goods market and short channels for the means of production market. For the door and window industry, multi-channel marketing is the most effective means to expand the market, which can still provide a powerful response

direct distribution channels. Direct distribution channel means that producers directly supply products to consumers or users without middlemen. Direct distribution channels are in the form of door and window enterprises and consumers. Direct channel is the main type of door and window distribution. It is the most common marketing method for door and window enterprises to set up stores in major shopping malls, but now in terms of the market, shopping malls do not constitute a competitive advantage in the market

wide channel and narrow channel. The channel width depends on the number of intermediaries of the same type used in each link of the channel. Enterprises use many similar middlemen, and their products are widely distributed in the market, which is called wide channel. For example, the whole door and window industry is distributed by many wholesalers and then sold to more retailers, which can contact consumers in large quantities and sell products in large quantities. Enterprises use few similar middlemen and have narrow distribution channels, which is called narrow channel. It is generally applicable to highly professional products or expensive and durable consumer goods, which are outsourced by one middleman and distributed by several distributors. It makes it easy for manufacturing enterprises to control distribution, but the market distribution is limited

indirect distribution channels. Indirect distribution channel means that producers use middlemen to supply goods to consumers or users, and middlemen intervene in exchange activities. The typical form of indirect distribution channels for doors and windows is: door and window manufacturers, dealers, retailers, individual consumers (a few are group users). At this stage, there is still a certain space for the demand of China's overall door and window market, and the market potential can continue to be tapped. At the same time, the proportion of market regulation for the sales of door and window products has increased significantly

the market of high-end doors and windows is promising in the future.

as mentioned above, the market foundation of high-end doors and windows has been established, and this market will have greater development in the future

the market scale of online high-end doors and windows has been formed. With the development of e-commerce and Internet technology, the e-commerce era of high-end doors and windows is about to begin. Therefore, major high-end door and window suppliers will continue to develop online business. In terms of the characteristics of e-commerce, open and convenient information will attract more consumers; Space display and customer flow will bring more business opportunities to high-end door and window manufacturers

with the rise of the middle class, high-end doors and windows are favored. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the middle class is growing and becoming the main consumer group of medium and high-end products. It is predicted that by 2022, 76% of urban households in China will reach the income level of the middle class. In 2000, what are their use skills and protection and maintenance? Now let's introduce the use skills, protection and maintenance of the bellows ring stiffness testing machine. The average annual compound growth rate of the middle class is more than 14%. With the rise of the middle class, high-end consumption is bound to increase, and the turnover of high-end residences and luxury residences will also rise. More consumers are looking at the high-end door and window market

personalized demand and customization become the growth points. In the context of consumption upgrading, the ability of first-line high-end door and window brands to add new stores and improve customer unit price will resist the downward risk of real estate. The continuous improvement of urbanization rate, the growth of national per capita income and the increase of personalized demand in China will drive the development of high-end high-end door and window market and become a new growth point of the industry. At the same time, the whole house customization will also drive the increase of customer unit price and maintain the growth of the industry

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