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Analysis on the development trend of China's food packaging machinery industry

the development of China's food packaging machinery industry is still dominated by industrial structure adjustment. It is expected that the output of China's packaging machinery will increase to 670000 sets this year and 930000 sets by 2010. If we simply repeat production and blindly expand the production quantity, the method of artificially extending the upstream and downstream will not work. China's packaging machinery industry should take the road of specialized production, develop medium and high-grade equipment, strive to improve the technical content, refine, specialize and strengthen the products, and rely on technological progress to promote the development of the industry

at present, countries all over the world attach great importance to the development of packaging machinery, and high-tech products continue to emerge. High efficiency of production, high utilization of resources, energy saving of products, practicality of high and new technology and commercialization of scientific research achievements have become the development trend of packaging machinery in the world, which is also the development direction of China's packaging machinery industry. For China's packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises, we should not seek perfection but refinement. Most of the packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises in the United States, Japan and Italy are small in scale but highly specialized

by 2010, China's packaging machinery industry should focus on the adjustment of industrial structure, product structure and organizational structure. In the adjustment of industrial structure, we should improve the concentration of production, promote specialized and serial production, and improve product quality and adaptability to the market; It is necessary to actively develop and support a number of key backbone enterprises with famous brand products, speed up the establishment and improvement of modern enterprise system, form a leader in the industry, participate in international market competition, and formulate different protection and maintenance plans, so as to speed up industrial upgrading

in terms of product structure adjustment, we should change the current situation of low technology content in the product structure, eliminate a batch of labor-intensive products with low efficiency, high consumption, low grade and low added value, learn from foreign advanced technology, develop and produce large sets of equipment and high-tech products with high efficiency, low consumption and the right production and marketing, develop "new, unique and special" packaging equipment, accelerate the upgrading of packaging machinery, and open up the international market

in terms of organizational structure adjustment, it is necessary to establish cross departmental enterprise groups, establish the overall concept of large industries, optimize the organizational structure, realize the optimal allocation of industrial assets, unify ideas, strengthen management, and form a new pattern of complementary advantages, division of work and cooperation, and common development

it is necessary to clarify the development priorities of China's packaging machinery industry. According to the analysis of relevant experts, the development trends of important categories of products in China's packaging machinery industry during the Tenth Five Year Plan period and even in 2010 are as follows:

bag forming filling sealing equipment: develop serial products and supporting devices to solve the problems of adaptability, compatibility and reliability of materials. Adopt advanced technology to improve the speed. At the same time, develop a packaging machine suitable for both single film and composite film, and develop a reliable and high-level powder automatic packaging equipment as soon as possible

complete equipment for beer and beverage canning: develop complete equipment for large beer and beverage canning with a capacity of more than 100000 tons/year (including packing, unloading, sterilization, labeling, in-situ cleaning, etc.); Develop large-scale full-automatic filling machine equipment with high-speed, low consumption, accurate measurement, automatic detection and other functions

weighing and filling equipment: develop various forms of weighing and filling equipment, strive to improve speed, accuracy, stability and reliability, and match with automatic packaging equipment

wrapping equipment: improve product reliability and operation safety; Besides plastic film wrapping equipment, origami wrapping equipment should be developed; Vigorously develop various auxiliary devices matched with wrapping equipment to expand the functional application of the host

strapping and packaging equipment (baling machine): develop various forms of strapping machinery; Focus on the development of automatic continuous steel belt strapping machine for strapping bench top and large plastic belt strapping equipment and heavy objects (such as steel), small paper belt strapping machine and small paper belt strapping machine, so as to promote the improvement of the automation level of fruit and vegetable, daily necessities and industrial material packaging

aseptic packaging equipment: shorten the gap with the international advanced level, improve the speed and improve the performance. Develop large bag aseptic packaging technology and equipment, develop semi liquid aseptic packaging equipment, and serialize aseptic packaging equipment products

develop cup type aseptic packaging equipment, serialize aseptic packaging equipment products, and develop cup type aseptic small packaging machinery products to fill the domestic gap

vacuum and air exchange packaging equipment: develop continuous or semi continuous vacuum packaging equipment suitable for large bag capacity and high-speed air exchange packaging equipment to fill the required gas into the bag in proportion

corrugated board (box) production equipment: develop complete sets of equipment with wide width (more than 2m) and high speed; Pay attention to complete sets of medium and light equipment; Expand the application depth and breadth of computer technology, focusing on improving performance and reliability

can making equipment: develop mercury free welding and special power supply to improve production speed; The development of composite cans, special-shaped cans and spray cans, pumpkin lanterns made of polyurethane, orders will surge, and other series of canning complete sets of equipment and corresponding canning production lines

environmental protection packaging machinery: develop production equipment for various small packaging paper bags and packaging equipment using paper base materials as packaging materials (containers) to meet the requirements of environmental protection; Promote and improve the manufacturing technology of honeycomb paperboard, and speed up the replacement of wood with paper; Promote and improve the pulp molding manufacturing technology and expand its application, such as the development of electronic product packaging

the technical content of packaging machinery is increasing day by day. The technology content of some packaging machinery products in China is not high, but many advanced technologies have been applied to packaging machinery abroad, such as remote control technology (including monitoring), stepping motor technology, automatic flexible compensation technology, laser cutting technology, information processing technology, etc

the packaging machinery market is becoming increasingly monopolized. At present, in addition to the scale and advantages of corrugated box packaging machinery and some small packaging machinery factories when there are too many oxide skins, other packaging machinery in China is almost out of system and scale. In particular, some complete packaging production lines with large market demand are monopolized by several large packaging machinery enterprises (groups) in the world packaging market

specialized production of packaging machinery parts. The international packaging industry attaches great importance to improving the general ability of packaging machinery processing and the whole packaging system. Therefore, the specialization of packaging machinery parts production is an inevitable trend. Many parts are no longer produced by packaging machinery factories, but by some general standard parts factories. Some special parts are produced by highly specialized manufacturers. The truly famous packaging machinery factories may be assembly factories

the product is developing towards multi-function and single, high-speed polarization. Bao and all of you will appreciate the final role of polyether ether ketone (PEEK), a polymer widely used in the Paek family, in the field of 3D printing utilization, material suppliers and 3D printing equipment and machinery involved, in improving production efficiency and product diversification

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