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Analysis on the development situation of glassware in China with the advancement of global economic integration, China is gradually becoming the manufacturing center of the world. At the same time, some glassware enterprises in China also take internationalization as their development strategy. How to enhance the core competitiveness of China's glassware manufacturing enterprises. As we all know, the 21st century is a century of competition by speed. Competition has developed from the level of competition among individual enterprises to the level of the whole supply chain. The application of glassware manufacturing technology is an important symbol in the development process of modern glassware industry. It is of practical significance to explore how to speed up the internationalization process of glassware industry based on glass machinery technology. The author believes that China's glassware industry has fallen into a trough and seems to have become a sunset industry, not alarmist. In fact, what the glassware industry needs is the upgrading of technical equipment, process level, environmental protection and emission reduction, and organizational efficiency. Only by abandoning exploitation and speculation under the competition rules can the glassware industry be reborn. Good enterprises and bad enterprises are not divided by what they produce. The electronic tensile testing machine is composed of measuring system, driving system, control system and computer (computer system tensile testing machine), but by profitability, management ability and heart. The glassware manufacturing industry, which is in line with the world development 8) low-cost products, rich sources and stable trend, is still promising. It can be noted that recently, US President Barack Obama delivered a state of the Union speech, and emphasized the importance of 3D printing technology and promoting the development of 3D printing industry. It is called a technology that can change the manufacturing industry. This technology has made outstanding achievements in our glass mold manufacturing industry, but as a glassware manufacturer, what reflections should we get from it? From the perspective of the accumulated experience of the author in the glass industry for more than 30 years, this paper briefly expounds the superficial views as follows:

1. Organization and management upgrading of glassware Enterprises, In view of the organization and management status of the enterprise itself, we should learn from the past and accept the new. The minimum elongation at the time of recruitment B and breaking is at least the elongation of the corresponding level chain. We should tailor the personalized organization and management system mechanism suitable for the enterprise's own development. Of course, the process of establishing this organizational system is a painful and complicated system engineering, and the transformation of thinking mode and enterprise development concept is a painful point. The first is the change of the thinking mode of the chairman of the board of directors and the management managers. It analyzes the current business situation and the strategic development orientation of the enterprise, finds and diagnoses the root causes of the difficulties in the development process of the enterprise, introduces the systematic thinking mode concept and corporate culture of the enterprise organization and management, formulates a practical and operable change implementation plan, and implements it item by item from top to bottom according to the systematic engineering steps. The second is to carry out self-examination and root seeking improvement in all links within the enterprise organization, such as institutionalization, process, standardization, informatization and the implementation of talent development echelon strategy at the enterprise implementation level. Fundamentally solve and abandon the exploitation and speculation mentality under the competition rules, and lead the enterprise to a healthy life-long career at the level of China's glassware development

2. Upgrading of equipment and technical level in the utensils industry

the agreement tax rate is applied to some imported goods from the 10 ASEAN countries and some regions of Hong Kong and Macao. "The global manufacturing industry is a new trend, and the Reindustrialization in Europe and the United States has formed a trend.". At present, China's glassware production enterprises, only a few enterprises represented by Anhui Deli and Shandong Huapeng, have introduced some or a large number of foreign glassware mechanical automation equipment and technology to solve the negative impact of efficiency reduction and rising labor costs. They are the leading enterprises in the industry. Another 90% of the production line equipment of the vessel enterprises is on the basis of semi mechanization, which consumes a lot of human costs and waste of consumable resources. In the near future, the OEM enterprises relying on cheap labor and low equipment costs will face a devastating reshuffle. Forced by the internal and external markets, some key vessel enterprises are also undergoing profound changes in their organizational structure, management mode, process equipment and product quality. The transformation of integrated production enterprises has two major characteristics, one is fast, the other is light. If they fail to do these two points, they will be eliminated by the market immediately. It is predicted that the price war of glassware consumer goods will start in an all-round way this autumn. Like e-commerce, enterprises in the glassware industry will enter the limit war of speed, management and capital. The current situation of our domestic glassware industry is the transformation period of foreign glassware enterprises 50 years ago. Many foreign glassware production companies visited by the author have gone through our current transformation period, and the fittest survive. Otherwise, the enterprises will be eliminated by the transformation period of historical development laws

3. Transformation of the marketing concept model of the glassware industry

the traditional marketing concept of the glassware industry, enterprises emphasize "products", but consumers are not necessarily satisfied with the products that meet the quality requirements. Enterprises should pay attention to the "customer share" of individual customers from the market share, pay attention to the share of their products in all the products owned by customers, and strive to improve their share. The purpose of understanding "customer share" is to distinguish customers. "Customer share" can also be called wallet share sow. We can classify customers according to the two-dimensional standard of their purchase plan and their existing wallet share in the future period, and classify them into three different stages: "to be strived for", "to be cultivated" and "to be maintained", so as to carry out targeted marketing activities and provide differentiated and customized products and services. As we all know, whether an enterprise's products can win the favor of consumers depends on whether you have conducted detailed analysis and Research on consumers, how much you know about them, and what is the real reason why they make a purchase decision for a certain commodity? The key to solving the mystery is that you must effectively use the "appropriate and unexpected" benefit positioning method to find the core points of the expected benefits of your product in the minds of consumers. And how to establish a differentiated brand image in the minds of consumers through positioning strategies

whether some domestic glassware enterprises with basic conditions can explore and try the "chain franchise direct sales model" is essentially to reduce the circulation cost of products and meet the needs of customers to maximize their interests by simplifying and eliminating middlemen and supporting franchisees. In the previous sales model, there were two sales teams, namely, the manufacturer to the dealer, and then the dealer to the customer. The chain franchise direct sales model is a marketing activity in which the manufacturer directly communicates with the target customers on the basis of certain appeals to the public, so as to achieve practical consumption. Basic elements: the support of public consumption awareness; The establishment and formation of one-to-one relationship; On site display and focus promotion. As the manufacturers face the customers directly, the storage area is reduced and the bad debts are eliminated. There is no additional cost brought by the dealers and the corresponding inventory, which can protect the interests of the company and customers and accelerate the pace of growth. When it comes to chain operation, a crucial problem faced by enterprises is how to replicate and expand their stores and carry forward their successful experience. The core factor is the complete cloning function. Chain operation certainly needs to copy the enterprise model in the process of operation, so as to complete the chain development of the enterprise. Therefore, the marketing model innovation of glassware enterprises, like other business models or business model innovation, is to find the source and method to improve the customer delivered value. In terms of improving the total value of customers, it is to find and focus on the actual or potential needs of target customers, so as to design and combine products and services. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to effective communication and interactive communication, improve the brand image, and improve the value perception of customers; In terms of reducing the total cost of customers, it mainly focuses on the consumption behavior of target customers to optimize the convenience, quickness and reliability of product delivery, information query, service provision and other links. It can be said that a successful marketing model is to achieve excellence in these two aspects or at least one aspect

generally speaking, there are still a series of problems in the domestic glassware industry, such as low technological content of products, low added value, low industrial relevance, low international market share, uneven development of various regions in China, etc. Moreover, with the rising cost of domestic labor, land, equipment and other production factors, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the development environment of glassware enterprises has become worse. However, due to policy constraints and other factors, glassware enterprises have less and less room for survival and development. To solve these problems and promote the healthy development of glassware enterprises, transformation and upgrading is an inevitable trend, which is also a very urgent task in front of us. At present, the further optimization and reorganization of global production factors, the further transfer of industries, the rapid development of the domestic economy and the further improvement of the market economic system have brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges to the development of our glassware industry. However, transformation and upgrading have become the inevitable requirement and the ultimate outlet for the long-term development of domestic glassware enterprises. The transformation and upgrading of the glassware industry is imperative

April 6, 2013

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