2014 annual summary of Huangshan liangye Valve Co.

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Huangshan liangye Valve Co., Ltd. held the 2014 annual summary and commendation conference

the winter solstice is sunny and spring is coming again. Everything is fresh and green. When buying at xinchunjia, consumers should pay attention to: the festival is at 9 a.m. on January 25th in the future. In the canteen of the company, liangye people gather here. Liangye company's report on 2014 work summary and 2015 work objectives and tasks. President xiangmeigen made a comprehensive review of the company's development over the past year. The winter solstice brought sunshine and spring came again. Everything was fresh and green. At 9 a.m. on January 25th, the upcoming Spring Festival, good entrepreneurs gathered here in the company's canteen. Liangye company's report on 2014 work summary and 2015 work objectives and tasks. Chairman xiangmeigen made a comprehensive, objective and fair summary of the company's development over the past year, and put forward the work objectives and tasks for 2015. Looking forward to 2015, we will show the new style of liangye company with a clear mind, scientific decision-making, unity and hard work. The slogan of the company is: "work hard, work hard, plan carefully, manage scientifically, strengthen scheduling, do what you have to do, increase revenue and reduce expenditure". We should base ourselves on our own duties, overcome difficulties and forge ahead, gather positive energy, and create brilliance for the successful completion of various goals and tasks in 2015

at the meeting to make full use of the advantages of raw materials such as rubber, sugar, coconut and so on in Southeast Asia, President Xiang Meigen read out and commended the decision of the company's advanced units and individuals in 2014, and the company's leaders issued bonuses, certificates and flags to the advanced collectives and individuals. Among them, the technology and quality department has won the honorary title of "advanced collective"; Wu Tiejun and Fang Junying won the title of "excellent Party member"; Nie Qiufa, Cheng tuanyong and Ling Daofei won the title of "excellent employee"; Lin Hongqing, Wang Guosheng, Cheng Jinshan and Cheng Shengli won the title of "technical expert". The delegates at the meeting expressed their congratulations to the advanced collectives and individuals with warm applause. Then, the advanced individuals made the acceptance speech, bright certificates, heavy red envelopes, and flashing flags, which are the affirmation of coping with and the reward for dedication

finally, the lottery project was carried out, and the first, second and third prizes were set. Then the lucky man was born. Everyone applauded for the lucky people. It doesn't matter if you are not lucky. As long as the people present had encouragement awards, all employees were full of smiles, and the year-end summary meeting ended in a warm atmosphere. This is a successful congress, a victorious congress

at 11:30 p.m., the company held a banquet in Yiyan Pavilion. All employees sat around and spoke freely, toasted together, and then introduced the measurement value through electric measurement. Finally, I wish the company a prosperous performance in the coming year and a better tomorrow

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