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Analysis of hazardous and harmful factors in the fuel transportation system of a power plant

the types of safety accidents in the coal handling system are relatively simple, mainly mechanical injury accidents and belt fire accidents. There are many mechanical injury accidents because there are many rotating coal conveying machines in the system; The belt fire accident of coal handling system is mainly caused by inadequate cleaning, accumulation of pulverized coal in equipment and facilities, spontaneous combustion and other reasons. In addition, the coal handling system is also prone to vehicle injury, suffocation and death accidents caused by being buried and pressed by coal, and injuries caused by coal pile collapse, but most of them are accidental accidents

the harmful factors existing in the coal handling system mainly include dust, humidity, low temperature, etc

the following is the analysis of dangerous and harmful factors:

1) when the train comes and unloads coal, it may cause workers' pneumoconiosis injury

2) during the operation of diesel locomotives and shunting, which have been reviewed and approved by the leading group, such as improper dispatching and command or illegal operation, can cause locomotive and vehicle injury accidents, or even collision accidents

3) when starting the belt conveyor, it may cause the conveyor belt tearing accident due to excessive starting traction

4) during the operation of belt conveyor, belt deviation accident is caused by uneven materials and other reasons

foam granulator 5) the roller and idler bearings of belt conveyor have mechanical accidents and even fire accidents due to bearing friction overheating due to loose sealing, dust falling or poor lubrication

6) the steering wheel at the head and tail of belt conveyor is easy to cause mechanical injury to operators

7) the underground coal conveying gallery is closed, and the above ground coal conveying gallery is generally semi closed. This innovative technology is the first in the world, which is easy to cause the enrichment of pulverized coal. When the concentration of pulverized coal in the air reaches a certain value, pulverized coal explosion accidents will occur in case of high temperature or open fire, or spontaneous combustion and ignition will be caused by long coal accumulation time

8) the auxiliary machinery of the coal yard includes bucket wheel machine, etc. when these operation machinery are running, if the protective measures are improper, or the driver's attention is not focused, it is easy to cause mechanical injury accidents and vehicle injury accidents

9) if the storage and management of coal stockpile are improper and the protection is not effective, it is easy to cause spontaneous combustion of coal stockpile and fire accidents

the coal crusher in the crushing building has high noise during operation, which will cause varying degrees of damage to human auditory organs and nervous system, and even cause occupational deafness in severe cases

10) during the operation of various operating machinery, mechanical injury accidents may occur due to improper protective measures or defects

11) bucket wheel stacker reclaimer has huge volume, wide operation range and large operation volume, and personal injury accidents may occur during operation

it has better aerodynamics, stronger anti-corrosion ability and lighter weight. 12) the height of coal stacking in the coal yard is 14 meters. Due to improper operation during stacking and reclaiming, it may cause collapse and personal injury accidents

13) the power cables around the coal handling system may cause fire accidents due to the accumulation of coal dust

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