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Analysis of four development trends of bathroom hardware business opportunities

with the rapid development of the real estate industry, it is bound to drive the development of bathroom hardware industry. Bathroom hardware will also show a new development trend, and the products of bathroom hardware will move towards household use, more to meet the needs of household hardware. The design of sanitary hardware and sanitary ware will be more humanized. Energy saving and environmental protection are the new features of new daily hardware sanitary hardware products

some people believe that the "dividend" of development disappears and rises with the rigidity of costs. The high-speed growth period of the bathroom industry has passed. However, some people believe that as a branch of the bathroom industry, the market pattern of the bathroom hardware industry has not yet taken shape, and emerging channels such as e-commerce and hypermarkets are emerging, and the growth space is still huge

the future bathroom hardware market has the following trends:

trend 1: kitchen and bathroom integration

although the functions of kitchen and bathroom differ greatly. The two are almost the same, but from the perspective of hardware products. Faucets, pendants, floor drains, etc. are used. Kitchen and bathroom integrated decoration has become the choice of some people in da31 and ASTM, which brings the integration of bathroom hardware products procurement. Hardware manufacturers will also strive to provide a full set of hardware products for home decoration

trend 2: the development of intelligent sanitary ware is accelerated.

the application of science and technology in sanitary hardware products is mainly reflected in the material science, cement mold test technical parameters (alloy materials, ceramic valve cores, nanotechnology), induction system (temperature control chip, instant heating device), art design (aesthetics, ergonomics, fluid mechanics)

trend 3: personalized consumption leads to market segmentation

in the future, consumers' purchase of bathroom hardware products will no longer be a simple comparison of goods. "Personalized, high-quality and tasteful bathroom culture is about to establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards of plastic granulator equipment and inject them into traditional values. The massive emergence of "European style" products in the market is an example. But with the further deepening of personalization. Other market segments will gradually form, and consumers with simple "imitation European" or "imitation American" style will be less and less covered. The marketing environment of bathroom hardware has changed from product centered to consumer centered. Meeting the changing consumer demand will be a great challenge for manufacturers

trend 4: diversification of supply chain forms

the traditional bathroom hardware supply chain is centered on hardware manufacturers and their products. Products are distributed through traditional distributor (agent) level channels, with consumers as the end point. Realize the withdrawal of funds for the purpose of promoting products. With the seller's market 7. The experimental speed field has changed into a buyer's market, the focus of the supply chain is shifting to the downstream, and consumers are becoming more and more important. In the process of changing the supply chain from "push" to "pull", some enterprises choose vertical integration, some choose channel sinking, some choose to form strategic alliances between upstream and downstream, some choose Wahaha type joint marketing, and some choose e-commerce. Which form will stand out remains to be seen

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