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Current situation of long version and short version post press processing

at present, many printing plants regard binding and post press processing plants that can undertake short version processing projects as their ideal partners. With the increasing number of self-service publishing and the continuous progress of digital printing technology, those post press service providers who can undertake short edition will also get more opportunities

the benefits of short edition processing are obvious. It can bring users less waste, more timely and effective printing materials, less storage costs and better cash flow. But its only drawback is that the binding industry, which is used to long version processing, needs to make great changes in the production process

Chris Garvey, a partner of rapid bind in Portland, Oregon, said: flexibility is crucial to our long-term success in the market, and then gradually release the torque. We don't care whether to produce 1 100000 orders on our Martini riding stapler or 20 orders with a total of 100000 orders on Harris binding machine

garvey and his partner company president Sue Hein and vice president Russ Haines know which market they should enter

Garvey said: the cost of preserving expired materials is higher than that of reprinting. A customer once called us and asked us to help him deal with the 120000 printed materials overstocked in the warehouse. But what is the point of doing so

the binding quantity of short edition projects is generally between dozens and thousands of copies. China is the world's largest producer and consumer. They have no less requirements for die cutting, creasing, folding and mechanical binding than ordinary live parts. A small number of digital printing live pieces can even be delivered to customers on the same day

from hundreds to thousands of copies

garvey talked about his factory, which covers an area of 34000 square feet, has 40 employees and implements a two shift work system. He said that, like most binding factories with more than 30 years of work experience, rapid bind also reduced the production of long-term binding. In the past decade, our average number of orders has decreased significantly, but the number of orders we have undertaken has increased crazily. Last year alone, we achieved a top line growth rate of 14% (also known as profit growth, that is, revenue growth generated by marketing effects)

the increase of short edition activity poses a challenge to post press processing plants. The production program specially developed to meet this market trend can help enterprises win more business. Garvey continued: there is also a technical problem. The combination of toner and paper is different from that of ink, so we must be more careful to deal with digital printed matter to prevent it from being damaged. Paper may become more fragile, especially when we want to process a live part produced on a laser printer. Because the moisture in the paper fiber has been completely lost, we may eventually get a very fragile page. Ugly cracks can make a beautiful print ugly


garvey added: Although we have adapted to the short version printing market, sometimes we still process a considerable number of long version jobs. You have to make the right business decisions. The short version basically does not need to be coordinated by the staff of different shifts, because most live parts can be produced in a few hours. The operators of rapid bind can set and run their own live parts. Although the boot setting procedures of long version live and short version live are the same, small parts usually need better planning and better communication between different departments

typical short edition binding items include desk calendar, instructions, manuals, music scores, etc. Rapid bind can cut, punch, and bind hundreds of books in just a few hours for fast copy transfers that require wire-o binding

sometimes, fast conversion and reaction with epichlorohydrin does not mean short version production. Rapid bind has recently undertaken a project. The customer asked the company to process 36000 labels within 7 hours (from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.). This movable part not only needs three die cuts, but also needs to be set on the printing machine. Through the cooperation between different departments, the company finally shortened the production time of this live part to 5 to 6 hours

rapid bind not only produces short editions of catalogues for the clothing industry and production manuals for different consumer goods, but also produces textbooks for universities in the northwest of the United States. Many companies' short version folding projects are emails with time limited coupons

letterpress die cutting is usually required for short version binding projects. Common products of this kind include medical insurance cards, pocket books and labels

garvey said: we don't have to participate in the brutal market competition, and customers can point out the right direction for us. Sometimes, the best customer service comes not from your actions, but from listening carefully

e-commerce binding

the continuous warming of software development and video game business has also created new business opportunities for binding and post press processing plants. In January this year, rapid bind established a new unit, rapid shipping solutions. The Department can provide users with DVD packaging box transportation services and an e-commerce entrance. Customers can choose the number of packaging boxes and pay fees through the network. Hein said: This is an exciting progress for us

garvey said: DVD packaging box is only the first of many new products we have developed. In the future, we will also launch products suitable for BluRay, PS3, PSP and Nintendo DS

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