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Analyze the current situation of Pu slurry Market

puworld (09/07/13) -- at the polyurethane resin forum held in Wenzhou on July 9, 2009, Zhang Yong, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Jiaxing Hexin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on the current situation and prospects of Pu slurry industry. Zhang Yong said that the main current situation of Pu slurry market is overcapacity, declining market demand growth, generally low technology level, price competition is still the main means of competition, and the use ratio of recycled DMF has increased significantly, whether it is the Chinese government or enterprises

overcapacity. Overcapacity has become one of the most discussed topics in the Chinese market in 2009, and the Pu slurry industry is also facing the same problem. Zhang Yong, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Jiaxing Hexin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., said that at present, the production capacity of domestic PU slurry spray free and alternative electroplating series materials promoted at Chinaplas in Guangzhou in 2015 is about 1.7 million tons, while the market demand is about 1.15 million tons. Overcapacity has become a prominent feature of Pu pulp industry. (article source: Global polyurethane)

the growth rate of market demand has declined. Pu pulp industry has stepped into a stable period from a period of rapid growth. Although domestic demand has increased due to the national economic stimulus policies, the total export volume of leather and its products has decreased due to the international financial crisis. It is estimated that the total demand for PU slurry in 2009 will increase by no more than 3% year-on-year

the technical level is generally low. Domestic PU slurry production capacity is generally large, but compared with foreign counterparts, there are few enterprises with their own technical characteristics. Most of the products of enterprises are ordinary products, and the technical level is low

Price competition is still the main means of competition. At present, the Pu slurry industry has overcapacity, declining market demand growth, and the same situation of product categories, which will inevitably lead to price competition, and even some products are sold below the cost price. At present, the market price of pulp is at the lowest in history, and the pulp industry, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, will face unprecedented pressure. In view of the current slurry price, most leather factories have prepared enough inventory

the proportion of recycled DMF increased significantly. In recent years, the state has stepped up efforts to improve the environmental protection of PU synthetic leather industry, and synthetic leather enterprises have strengthened their investment in environmental protection. One of the important work is to measure the physical properties of various materials according to international or industrial standards. The comprehensive recovery of DMF exhaust gas has been increased. Coupled with the improvement of three-way distillation technology, the one-way cycle recovery rate of DMF has generally reached more than 85%, and the recovery rate has increased by about 15% compared with the previous one, The total amount of DMF recovered has increased significantly. (article source: universal polyurethane)

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