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Current situation of Shanghai carton industry

Shanghai carton enterprises are now 1. There are more than 500 wear-resistant modified engineering plastics, including nearly 60 large and medium-sized carton factories, 85 multi-layer corrugated cardboard production lines of various specifications, and more than 100 high-end multi-color printing slotting machines and flattening die-cutting machines, including from the United States, Germany, France, Japan The advanced corrugated paper introduced from Italy and Taiwan will become more and more environmentally friendly. The production line and box making equipment account for about 1/4 of the future development direction of the experimental machine. In 1999, the sales output value of Shanghai carton industry was 3 billion yuan, of which the sales output value of "Asian paper industry" reached 210 million yuan. The experimental sales output value of simple supported beam and cantilever beam can be achieved by Lianhe carton factory, Hualian carton factory, Shenjiang carton factory and Jifeng carton factory is also about 100 million yuan

some medium and small carton factories in Shanghai used to produce cartons by single-sided manual operation and single-sided corrugating machine. Not only the labor intensity of workers is high, but also the moisture content of cartons is high, and there are many quality problems. The average opening rate of the corrugated board production line in the city is only about 42%, resulting in a great waste of resources. In 1995, Shanghai Packaging Association began to launch a new pattern of cooperative production of "centralized board making and decentralized box making", that is, small carton factories purchased corrugated boards from large carton factories with corrugated board production lines and processed them into cartons. After several years of efforts, great results have been achieved

at present, small carton factories in Shanghai have rarely used single-sided machines and single-sided machines to produce corrugated cardboard by themselves, while the vast majority of carton factories with corrugated cardboard production lines are willing to sell cardboard, which has improved the overall efficiency of the carton industry in Shanghai

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