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Environmental protection storm "roasted red" can steel production limit make steel prices continue to rise

"today, Tangshan profile angle has risen by 50, work groove has risen by more than 100, screw thread has risen by 70, wire rod has risen by 60, strip steel has risen, billet straight hair is smooth, and it is expected to rise in the afternoon." At about 12:00 on August 6, Li Haisheng, manager of Tangshan MANXIN Steel Trading Co., Ltd., issued such a notice to inform customers of the latest steel price. It can be seen that the prices of almost all types of steel in Tangshan were rising that morning

maxiuqin, general sales manager of Tangshan Taihe Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., also found that steel prices have been rising since August. Taking finished materials as an example, the price was 4080 yuan/ton on August 6, and 4180 yuan/ton on August 7, with an increase of 100 yuan per ton in one day

Wang Guoqing told the Huaxia times that the recent rise in steel prices is mainly related to the notice of production restriction in the northern heating season. In addition, the ban on "ground steel bars" and the implementation of safety supervision, especially the strengthening of environmental protection, have boosted market confidence, a strong bullish mentality, and increased market growth

"in the future, the steel price in the fourth quarter should still be bullish as a whole, because the production restriction in the heating season has a great impact on the supply." Analyst Liu Xinwei said

It shall be fastened in time; After the experiment, if there is a long period of time when the machine is not used,

steel prices soar

for two consecutive weeks, steel stocks have ushered in a "good start". On July 31, it was because of the comprehensive ban on "ground bar steel", and on August 7, it was because of the announcement of Hebei Province's winter production restriction plan

take August 7 as an example, Liugang Co., Ltd., Fangda Special Steel Co., Ltd., TISCO Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. and Anyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. rose by 9.53%, while Angang Steel Co., Ltd., Xingang Co., Ltd., Baosteel Co., Ltd. and Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. rose by 6%, including information such as manufacturers, batch numbers and raw material batches. The Shenwan iron and steel index has recorded five positive lines in the past six trading days

"billet rose 140 yuan/ton over the weekend, and the futures market rose sharply on Monday. Rebar futures exceeded 4000 yuan/ton, up 166 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day." Wang Guoqing said, "but the rise is too urgent and the transaction is light. Some varieties have been corrected in the past two days." Ma Xiuqin also found that although the billet price was higher, it sold less and the sales volume was smaller

Sinosteel futures report shows that due to the rapid rise in market prices, it is difficult for downstream to accept, so the enthusiasm for procurement is not high, and the overall transaction is weak. As the high level of futures fell, the market wait-and-see mood increased, and the lack of transaction support made the market price slightly callback

however, due to the reasonable price rise of auxiliary equipment materials for steel devices, the automobile semi-trailer has ushered in a wave of price rise. Recently, trailer manufacturers in Hebei, Shandong and other places have issued a price increase notice. Due to the recent rise in raw materials and spare parts prices, resulting in rising costs, the price of each Trailer generally increased by yuan

Wang Guoqing said that the rise in steel prices was mainly due to the combined effect of several positive factors. First, Hebei Province decided to limit the production of steel by 50% in the heating season on August 6. Second, the fourth batch of central environmental protection inspectors was fully launched. Third, Premier Li Keqiang instructed to ban "ditiao steel". Fourth, the implementation of various inspectors in the second half of the year, and various factors were combined to ferment, making the market respond violently

on July 29, Xinhua news agency said that in response to the on-the-spot inspection of the fourth major inspector of the State Council, which found that enterprises still produce "ground steel bars" against the wind in some places, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, made important instructions to prevent the resurgence of "ground steel bars". Then, on August 7, with the approval of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the fourth batch of central environmental protection supervisors was also launched in an all-round way, and eight Central environmental protection supervision teams were established to carry out the work of stationing inspectors separately, so as to achieve full coverage of the supervision of all provinces (regions and cities) across the country

among the various policies, the most concerned is the special implementation plan for heavy pollution weather response and heating season errors in Hebei Province issued by Hebei Environmental Protection Department on August 5 to obtain profit peak production by transferring authorized patents. The content shows that this year's heating season, Hebei Province will formulate a work plan and task list for enterprise peak shift production in accordance with the principle of basically offsetting the new emissions of pollutants from heating in winter. Among them, iron and steel enterprises implement classified management, and all cities (including Xinji City) formulate peak shift production plans according to the performance level of pollution emissions; In Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Handan and other key areas, the steel production capacity is limited by 50% in the heating season

"in fact, this document was issued in the first half of the year, but the market did not fully interpret it at that time. Now in the second half of the year, the heating season is getting closer and closer, and the local government has begun to implement it. Only then can the market feel that the day of production restriction is not far away, and this news can be fully fermented." An insider told Huaxia times (official account: ChinaTimes), "in the context of the previous ban on steel bars, the market had panic, and this document was issued at this time, which turned out to be a catalyst and ignited the mood of the entire market."

Wang Guoqing said that although this document was only implemented in Hebei Province, the crude steel output of Hebei province accounted for 23.8% of the total output of the country last year, so a policy of Hebei Province will play a great role in stirring the national steel market

environmental protection "practical"

"although the policy of limiting production during the heating period has not been really implemented, since this year, the intensity of environmental protection inspection has become greater and greater, and the central government has also raised ecological civilization to a very high level, so the market expects that the policy of limiting production will not be as simple as saying in the past, but may be implemented in a practical manner." The aforementioned insiders said, "as the heating period is getting closer, this expectation is gradually becoming a reality, and the supply of the market will be tight."

public information shows that since this year, the Ministry of environmental protection has made great efforts to implement environmental protection, and has taken a number of measures to implement environmental protection. On April 5, the Ministry of environmental protection dispatched 5600 environmental law enforcement personnel from across the country to carry out a one-year intensified supervision of air pollution prevention and control, which is the largest action directly organized at the national level in the history of environmental protection

At the end of July, the third batch of central environmental protection supervision teams successively fed back supervision opinions to Tianjin, Shanxi, Liaoning, Anhui, Fujian, Hunan, Guizhou and other provinces and cities. The data showed that the supervision team handed over 31457 reports of environmental problems to 7 provinces and cities, 8687 cases were filed and punished, 405 people were detained, 6657 people were interviewed, and 4660 people were held accountable. All figures were significantly higher than the previous two batches

On August 7, the Ministry of environmental protection also interviewed the main responsible comrades of Dongli District of Tianjin, Handan city of Hebei Province, Qingyuan District of Baoding, and Muye district government of Xinxiang, Henan Province, requiring the four places to effectively raise awareness, strengthen measures, deepen governance, strengthen rectification efforts, and constantly consolidate the prevention and control of air pollution

as early as February 22 this year, at the "media meeting on air pollution prevention and control", vice minister zhaoyingmin of the Ministry of Environmental Protection said that 2017 was the decisive year of the first stage of the "ten articles of the atmosphere", which had clear requirements for the final assessment results. In order to ensure the implementation, A core content of the central environmental protection supervision is also to check the implementation of the "ten atmospheric regulations" or the completion of air quality improvement goals and tasks

according to the provisions of the "ten articles of atmosphere", the final assessment of the implementation will be carried out in 2017. After the approval of the State Council, the assessment and evaluation results shall be published to the public and handed over to the cadre department in charge as an important basis for the comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the leading group and leading cadres. The measures for the assessment of the implementation of the "ten articles of the atmosphere" also stipulates that for areas that fail to pass the final assessment, in addition to suspending the approval of the environmental impact assessment documents of all new air pollutant emission construction projects in the region (except livelihood projects and energy conservation and emission reduction projects), accountability should be strengthened, and if necessary, the leading comrades of the State Council should interview the main principals of the provincial (District, municipal) people's governments

Wang Guoqing said that at present, the steel price has risen for nearly three months, and there is a high risk. In August, it should still be a volatile upward trend; 9. In October, after the favorable news is digested in advance, the market may show an adjustment pattern in the peak season; After November, with the real implementation of the production restriction in the heating season, the market may rebound further. In general, the steel market in the second half of the year is still in a tight balance between supply and demand, and the relationship between supply and demand tends to improve

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