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According to CCTV, Minister of environmental protection Li Ganjie (2) preliminary composition of chain development. At the 2018 National Conference on environmental protection, the new chemical building materials and other non-metallic mineral products industry was also included, and it was pointed out that the state would formulate a three-year battle plan to win the blue sky guard station, with key governance areas including Beijing Tianjin Hebei and surrounding areas, the Yangtze River Delta and Fen Wei plain, The adjustment of industrial structure, energy structure and transportation structure will be accelerated to ensure greater achievements in air pollution control in 2020

the environmental protection situation in 2018 is still grim, and the vibration isolation building in the plastic industry slowly swings on the rubber isolation layer, which is already rising! DuPont, Asahi Kasei and other industry leaders successively issued price increase letters. Expert analysis, many factors determine that the price of recycled plastics may soar! The reasons are as follows:

1. Demand

in the second half of 2017, the output of domestic recycled particles was far from meeting the needs of product enterprises, and many plastic product enterprises had an embarrassing situation that they could not buy goods with money

at the beginning of 2018, most processing plants have just resumed production, traders are gradually entering the market, and cargo transportation has just returned to normal, so the demand for recycled plastics will gradually increase

2. Import

it can be seen from the approval documents of the first seven batches of imported waste plastics in China that a total of 26 waste plastics processing and utilization enterprises have obtained the approval documents, and the approved total import volume is 25281 tons. It will be a trend for the country to cancel the import of waste plastics, so it is inevitable that the import volume will continue to decrease in the later period

"national sword 2018" launched another attack, identifying five key areas to implement special attacks and centralized rectification. Among them, cracking down on the smuggling of "foreign garbage" has been identified as the "No. 1 project", so the prices of recycled plastics across the country will probably usher in spring in 2018

3. Environmental protection

in 2018, the Ministry of environmental protection will further promote environmental protection supervision and carry out the first round of "looking back" on the rectification of central environmental protection supervision. For the key to the battle of pollution prevention and control, we will organize and carry out mobile and acupoint special inspections after confirming that the methods are accurate and feasible. Environmental protection is still the lifeline that determines the life and death of waste plastic enterprises

in short: due to the superposition of multiple factors such as increasing demand, environmental protection crackdown and import reduction, the supply of recycled plastics in 2018 fell short of demand, and the price soared

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