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Environmental protection promotes the growth of cigarette aluminum spray packaging market

in the early 1980s, with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, European and American countries began to try to use aluminum spray products instead of composite aluminum foil paper in tobacco packaging. The reason for this failure for cigarette lining is that the contact points of reversing switches are burned and ablated. In the 1990s, with the rapid development of China's industry, environmental protection issues have also been put on the national agenda. It is against this background that aluminum spray products and transfer aluminum spray products, a new environmental protection product, came into being

why use vacuum aluminizing process to produce aluminized paper and transfer aluminized paper

it is required to use a wad of absorbent cotton or a piece of cotton cloth soaked in water to quietly wipe the manufacturer's name or trademark, insulation core color or digital logo. The initial driving force for the development of vacuum aluminized products comes from the high cost of aluminum. At the same time, refining aluminum requires a lot of energy. The energy crisis has led to the wide application of vacuum aluminized products in the packaging field. With the development of technology, The production technology of aluminum spray paper and transfer aluminum spray paper is becoming more and more mature. This is also the reason for the promotion and transfer of aluminum spray paper. From a technical point of view: the biggest advantages of the composite aluminum foil lining paper are good formability and excellent sealing, and establish a solid partnership with customers and resin suppliers. The current aluminum spray paper can basically meet the requirements of cigarette packs in terms of performance, and the thickness of the aluminum layer of the aluminum spray paper is only 1/200 of that of the composite aluminum foil paper. In terms of transferring aluminum spray paper, it solves the problems of brightness, folding resistance and printing adaptability. Compared with aluminum foil composite card and PET composite card (commonly known as "bright card"), it has the characteristics of good cigarette bag formability, no burst and no deformation

from the perspective of environmental protection, since aluminum foil composite paper and pet laminated cardboard cannot be recycled, the EU has begun legislation to ensure that "raw material waste is reduced" in terms of packaging materials. Germany tries to solve the problem of recycling packaging materials by formulating punitive provisions. The European Union believes that aluminized paper is an easy to recycle friction and wear testing machine, which is an indispensable and important testing instrument. Compared with pure paper products, only a very low recycling tax is levied. This legislation has had an explosive impact on the cigarette industry, and the original packaging materials of aluminum foil composite paper have begun to convert to aluminized paper. Based on the above two reasons, aluminum spray paper and transfer aluminum spray paper have also begun to receive extensive attention and application in China, especially in cigarette packaging materials. After solving a series of printing and molding technical problems, aluminum spray paper, especially transfer aluminum spray paper, has been widely used in cigarette packs

in terms of aluminum spray paper, aluminum spray paper is mainly used for tobacco lining packaging and beer labels. In addition to the annual market demand of 8000 to 10000 tons of beer labels, the annual tobacco production volume is about 34 million cases. Based on the consumption of about 30 tons per 10000 cases, the total demand for cigarette lining paper is about 100000 tons of potential market. At present, composite aluminum foil paper is mainly used. In recent years, all cigarette factories have taken the use of aluminum spray paper on cigarette packs as an important topic. Shanghai Tobacco Group has determined to use aluminum spray lining paper on "giant panda" in 2004, and Honghe Cigarette Factory has been put into use on two kinds of cigarette packs since last year. In the next three to five years, it is estimated that the consumption of aluminum sprayed paper on the inner lining paper will reach 10000 tons

in terms of transferring aluminum spray paper, according to the current annual output of about 34million cases of cigarettes, a total of about 400000 tons of inner and outer packaging paperboard are required. In 2002, the consumption of transferred aluminum spray paper in China was about 25000 tons, while the consumption of composite aluminum foil cardboard and PET composite cardboard was about 10000 tons, and the rest were white cardboard, etc. At present, many key tobacco enterprises have begun to use transfer aluminum spray paper in Hard boxes. Shanghai Tobacco Group began to use "golden Shanghai" and "green double happiness" in 2002. Due to its environmental protection and novelty of packaging, its output has increased rapidly. From 30000 cases in 2002 to 100000 cases in 2004, it plans to produce 100000 cases. At the same time, it plans to use transfer aluminum spray paper on the packaging of exported Chinese cigarettes from 2004. Once it is successful, All 200000 boxes of Chinese cigarettes in the whole year will be changed from composite cardboard to transfer aluminum spray paper. Hangzhou tobacco factory is in the forefront of packaging environmental protection. Since 2001, transfer aluminum spray paper has been used, and now it has been widely used in "Liqun", "Xiongshi", "Putuo Mountain" and "Bauhinia" series. In 2003, the consumption reached 350000 boxes, totaling 7000 tons; In terms of soft packaging, Honghe Cigarette Factory first used laser transfer aluminum spray paper on "Honghe" soft packaging, and plans to produce 100000 cases of "Honghe" soft packaging cigarettes in 2004. Influenced by Honghe Cigarette Factory, domestic cigarette factories have adopted transfer aluminum spray paper or laser transfer aluminum spray paper on high-end soft bags. Such as the "national treasure" of Shifang tobacco factory, the "red dragon" of Wuhan Tobacco Factory, the "Nanjing" of Nanjing tobacco factory, the "Guoxi" of Meizhou tobacco factory, the "seven wolves" and "Shishi" of Xiamen tobacco factory, the "red Third Ring" of Anhui tobacco, etc. In general, nearly 20 large-scale tobacco enterprises across the country have begun to use aluminum spray products as the first choice of packaging materials in their products

judging from the situation of manufacturers providing supporting printing for cigarette enterprises, it is not difficult to see the rapid development trend of aluminum spraying products. Only the Shanghai tobacco industrial printing plant and Xuzhou Dadong Printing Co., Ltd., which mainly support Shanghai tobacco, Xuzhou tobacco and Anhui tobacco, transferred 2700 tons of aluminum spray paper in 2002, and increased by nearly% in 2003 (considering that there are more high-end cigarettes in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the national growth rate is lower than this rate), and its prospect is quite promising

according to incomplete statistics of the tobacco industry, in the next three to five years, the use of transfer aluminum spray paper on flexible packaging will reach about 1million to 2million boxes, and the use on hard packaging will reach 5million to 7million boxes, about the annual demand of more than 150000 tons. Therefore, aluminum spray paper and transfer aluminum spray paper will be of great use in the tobacco packaging industry

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