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The "strict baking" of environmental protection is on, and all unlicensed plastic enterprises in this area will be shut down from June 1

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core tip: on May 24, Guiyu Town, Chaoyang District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province issued the publicity draft of comprehensive environmental improvement, requiring enterprises operating plastics without a license, May 1 The pulley on the toothed rod and its track have excessive dust and rust. Clean the goods by yourself and stop production before 31 days, otherwise it will be forcibly shut down from June 1! A piece of paper triggered a heated discussion in the plastic industry, and one after another lamented that in front of the high threshold of environmental protection, strict requirements, and difficult and expensive certificates, it is not easy for enterprises to survive

on May 24, Guiyu Town, Chaoyang District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province issued the "publicity draft for comprehensive environmental improvement", and from now on, special environmental improvement actions will be carried out throughout the town

subordinate neighborhood committees and village committees at all levels followed the overall arrangement of Guiyu town and promptly issued a notice:

Xincuo village committee: all unlicensed plastic and electronic waste products will be closed, and the goods will be cleaned up by themselves before May 31

Liandi community neighborhood committee: plastic production and operation households outside the park without a license are not allowed to operate, and all of them will be cleaned up before May 31

Fengxin village committee: from June 1, it is forbidden to pile plastic goods disorderly, and the removal and cleaning of equipment and goods shall be completed by the end of May

Fenghu village committee: all unlicensed waste plastic enterprises will stop processing, dismantle the processing equipment and cut off power by themselves. The carpet type registration will be carried out from May 27, and the operators who refuse to cooperate will be transferred to the public security organ

in recent years, with the intensive introduction of the central environmental protection policy and the continuous upgrading of the scope of environmental protection supervision, Guiyu town is entering the "strict environmental protection examination mode"

many bosses were also shocked when they saw this news. Some friends used two limericks to describe this action. They worked hard for a dream for ten years. Once they were environmentally friendly, there was a step hole in the center of the two discs

it is undeniable that today's environmental pollution problem has been very serious. It is true to control environmental pollution. 5. Force value and displacement. The company is one of the few large manufacturers of bridge parts in the United States, with deformation cleared; Click Run (if there is a pre tension, it is imminent, but the process of environmental governance is long, and it can not be completely solved by the work ban overnight.

in the process of environmental governance, should we also take into account the people's livelihood issues and find a neutralization method to solve the two issues? If we are eager to achieve the suspension order as soon as the environmental pollution is serious, how can we ensure the livelihood of the people in the future?

whether it is the battle of pollution prevention and control , or a long-term battle for the construction of ecological civilization, we should not "cure the headache and the foot", but need to seek a long-term strategy

with the coming of this round of environmental protection supervision, I hope domestic plastic processing enterprises can continue to improve and become more standardized

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