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"Environmental protection star" non-woven wallpaper is popular

"non woven wallpaper is quite popular in European and American countries. This kind of wallpaper has excellent environmental protection performance because it is mainly made of cotton and hemp and does not need to be woven." Wallpaper industry insiders said

to meet the needs of the market, in Japan, enterprises have developed a new type of "non-woven wallpaper", which can prevent the "new house syndrome". This kind of wallpaper is made of non-woven fabric clamped by base paper and textiles with good air permeability. The clamped non-woven fabric contains some special components, which can absorb harmful chemical components in indoor air, textile pests and diseases, and has excellent functions of mold prevention and deodorization

non woven fabric is a "synonym" for environmental protection.

non woven fabric, English name "nonwoven", is a new type of environmental protection material. It is called "non-woven" because it is composed of oriented or random fibers. Breathable, moisture-proof, light weight, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non irritating, flexible, recyclable and colorful, are the eight advantages of non-woven fabrics

a phenomenon that many people have noticed is that people's awareness of environmental protection has increased, plastic bags in supermarkets have also begun to charge, and non-woven environmental protection bags have become popular. Due to the strong publicity of the government, many companies have printed a large number of non-woven environmental protection bags with the company's logo based on the concept of environmental protection and the need of publicity. These environmental protection bags are beautiful, fashionable and generous, and non-woven fabrics have become "environmental protection stars"

any instrument that verifies the quality or performance can be called an experimental machine. Now, non-woven fabrics extend their tentacles into the field of wallpaper

the most popular "green wallpaper"

at present, there are many kinds of wallpapers on the market, such as natural material wallpapers, plastic wallpapers, metal wallpapers, pure paper wallpapers, etc. Recently, a new material wallpaper?? Non woven wallpaper began to "surface", becoming the most popular new green wallpaper in the world. "Many wallpapers are very beautiful and colorful. But once they are old or dirty, it is very troublesome to replace them. You have to work in a large area, and you have to peel off the original wallpapers from the wall, which will cause a lot of damage to the wall. If you have to re stick new wallpapers after stripping, you have to do a lot of work to renovate the wall, which will cost a lot of human, material and financial resources." Many wallpaper lovers found it

however, compared with other wallpapers, non-woven wallpapers have natural advantages in scavengability?? The replacement is simple, and the removal will not cause any damage to the wall. And for wall decoration, non-woven wallpaper has another great advantage, that is, it can be "self-cleaning", not easy to get dirty and easy to scrub

"this is a necessary wallpaper for 'green decoration'. It does not contain any PVC, polyethylene or chlorine elements, so when burning, it will only produce carbon dioxide and water, without the strong black smoke and pungent smell of chemical elements when burning, and has excellent decorative and artistic effects." Insiders said

it is reported that the production process of non-woven wallpaper with cotton and hemp as the main materials is to orient or randomly support some shorter fibers or filaments to make them present a fiber structure, and then reinforce them with mechanical and thermal bonding methods

"there are two kinds of non-woven wallpaper." According to experts, one is "full-length non-woven wallpaper". This variety has the advantages of stable size, extending the cutting edge of the sample, measuring and testing should be carried out continuously. These have become the advantages of stable shrinkage. There will be no deformation at the joint. It is suitable for large-area paving, and it looks integrated without any defects. And the hand feel is soft, with a velvet like texture. The other is the wallpaper that combines the surface layer of pure paper and the base layer of non-woven fabric. It combines the stability of non-woven fabric with the beauty of wallpaper, which is reflected in the colors and patterns. It is more abundant and easy to replace. To a large extent, it can meet the needs of consumers to build a batch of manufacturing innovation centers

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