ABB wins a big order for BMW robot coating system

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ABB won a big order for BMW robot coating system

recently, abb received a package order from BMW Group to implement a new coating process for BMW. The spraying robot equipped with application package as a full-function spraying system will be delivered in the next few years. This is another order after BMW selected ABB as its industrial robot partner in 2008

it is understood that most of the equipment will be composed of the latest generation of ABB irb5500 spraying robots, which have excellent performance and space saving configuration. They will be used in fully automated factories and the application of transparent coatings inside and outside the body. BMW also uses this robot series for processing and spraying plastic parts

steve, member of ABB Executive Committee and head of discrete automation and motion control business department, said: "robots can reduce the cost of the spraying stage of the manufacturing process and ensure the durability of product quality improvement. This not only makes the manufacturing process more reliable, but also optimizes and improves the manufacturing process."

ABB technology has decisive advantages, especially in terms of function and configuration. Quality and accuracy are very important, especially when it comes to spraying applications. At the same time, the use of robots reduces pollution and greatly reduces emissions

abb robots enable customers to achieve efficient manufacturing systems and sustainable production of high-quality products. The company's lean production products and solutions range from body in white design to final assembly of the whole body. They improve competitiveness while maximizing compliance with customer specifications. ABB has installed more than 190000 robots worldwide

it is understood that abb is a leading power and automation technology enterprise in the world, committed to helping power, utilities and industrial customers improve their performance while reducing their impact on the environment. ABB Group has businesses all over the world. 6 The gap between the force measuring piston and the force measuring cylinder is large, and the combustion agent mainly includes phosphate, red phosphorus and other more than 100 countries, with about 130000 employees

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