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ABB launched a new generation of collaborative robots to help new industries and new users unlock automation applications

on February 24, 2021, abb launched the new gofa and swift series of collaborative robots globally at the same time, further expanding its collaborative robot product portfolio, and held a distribution ceremony and the pre delivery ceremony of the first batch of new products in ABB's Shanghai factory

abb new generation collaborative robot release ceremony

the new robot complements two arm Yumi and one arm Yumi with higher load and faster speed. Faster and stronger new collaborative robots will help ABB expand its market in high growth areas such as electronics, health care, consumer goods, logistics, food and beverage, and meet the growing automation needs of different industries

gofa and swift series products are designed intuitively, and customers can operate independently without the guidance of professional programming experts. Since customers can directly operate the cooperative robot within a few minutes after product installation without special training, the new product will help industries with low automation level realize automation by virtue of its ease of use

Anshiming, President of ABB robotics and discrete Automation Division, said: ABB's new collaborative robot series is the most diversified product portfolio in the market, which will help customers transform their workplaces, improve production efficiency and achieve performance growth. Our products are easy to operate and configure. At the same time, we have a global network of service experts to provide on-site or technical support for customers. Not only the manufacturing industry, enterprises of all sizes and emerging economies can feel the changes and progress brought by robot technology with our products

abb collaborative robot family

abb expands its collaborative robot product portfolio this time to help new and old users accelerate the automation process under the new development trend. These four new trends mainly include the prevalence of personalized consumption, the increasing shortage of labor, the acceleration of digitalization and the intensification of uncertainty. They are transforming the development mode of enterprises and promoting automation technology to enter more emerging economic fields. The launch of the new generation of collaborative robots is part of the strategy of ABB robotics and discrete automation, but China has not yet mastered the main technology. The division's product portfolio innovation for high growth industries will help the division achieve profitable growth

At the press conference, Mr. Liang Rui, President of ABB Robot business department in China, said that the two new generation collaborative robots officially launched to the global market were developed by the Chinese team and produced by the Shanghai factory. These two new products not only show ABB's innovative strength, but also reflect ABB's keen response to market and customer needs

automation drives the future development of manufacturing industry

in a global survey of 1650 enterprises of different sizes in Europe, the United States and China, 1, 84% of enterprises said that they would adopt robots and automation technology more in the next decade; 85% of enterprises said that COVID-19 had changed the rules of the game for enterprises and industries and was a catalyst for accelerating automation investment; Nearly half of enterprises (43%) said they hoped to improve health and safety in the workplace through robotics. 51% of enterprises said that robot technology controls social distance at a relatively appropriate level, and more than one third (36%) of enterprises are considering adopting robot automation technology to improve the work quality of employees. In addition, 78% of the company's CEOs and general managers said that it was becoming more and more difficult to recruit and retain employees to do repetitive and heavy work

the design concept of cooperative robot is to let the robot run in the presence of staff, without physical safety measures such as fences, and easy to use and install. In 2019, more than 22000 cooperative robots were newly installed worldwide, with a year-on-year increase of 19% 2. It is predicted that the compound annual growth rate of the demand for collaborative robots will reach 17% from 2020 to 2025, and the global sales of collaborative robots are expected to increase from about $700million in 2019 to about $1.4 billion in 2025. The global industrial robot market will grow from US $45billion in 2020 to US $58billion in 2023 (CAGR of 9%)

gofa and swift series are designed to help enterprises realize automation and assist workers to complete tasks such as material handling, machine tool loading and unloading, component assembly and packaging in manufacturing, medical laboratories, logistics centers, warehouses, workshops and small factories

an Shiming said: through the expansion of this product portfolio, we have brought more easy to operate and deploy collaborative robots, and provided real-time technical support for enterprises. This makes more and more enterprises that have not considered using robots before begin to use collaborative robots. Our experience is that if enterprises want to achieve the best performance, they must give full play to the skill advantages of employees with the help of new technology

users can easily program and reprogram the new cooperative robot by using ABB's quick setup tool as long as they can operate a tablet computer or intelligence. With the support of more than 1000 partners around the world, abb will make use of the installation experience of 500000 robots accumulated since 1974 to provide users with professional technical support related to industry and applications worldwide

in 2015, when ABB first formulated the policy of building exterior wall insulation materials, Yumi, the world's first truly cooperative robot, came out. Since then, Yumi series robots have continuously provided safe automation solutions for key production processes of different enterprises. The new gofa and swift series of cooperative robots are developed on the basis of the success of Yumi series. Today, abb Yumi cooperative robots are working side by side with people in factories, workshops and laboratories around the world, performing tasks ranging from screwing in screws, assembling electronics to make the oil in the oil tank enter the working oil cylinder and electrical components, manufacturing valves and u disks, and assisting laboratories in testing novel coronavirus samples

each ABB collaborative robot is equipped with a startup installation package that includes ABB ability status monitoring and diagnostic services. At the same time, users can dial support for free in the first six months to obtain expert technical support, which is open to all industries

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