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According to Singapore, the first environmental protection temple in Brazil will build a seven story glass tower. Solar panels are installed outside the tower. The solar panels absorb sunlight during the day and make the tower glow at night with stored solar power

when the glass tower is completed in the middle of next year, ships sailing into the harbor city cruise center can see the brightly lit glass tower from a distance

the temple Jiuhuashan Baoen temple on Tui Qian Road is under expansion. The expansion part includes a glass tower and a hall with an underground parking lot. The roof of the hall will also be equipped with solar panels

Mount Jiuhua Baoen temple is a leading temple in Singapore that adopts environmental protection design. At present, it has used solar energy and wind power, and also collected rainwater and recycled. Solar energy and wind power have complementary effects. Even if it rains for several consecutive days without the sun, wind power can still provide a certain amount of power generation. There is also a display screen in the temple, which shows the daily power generation of environmental protection equipment

Li Wenxiang, chairman of the management committee, said in an interview that the purpose of installing environmental protection equipment in the temple is to reduce the operating cost of the temple and contribute to environmental protection

in the past 10 months, the total power generation of environmental protection equipment in the temple has reached 15 MW. With the completion of the project, these shortcomings can be overcome by copolymerization with other monomers, and the power generation generated by environmental protection equipment will be four times that of existing equipment

Li Wenxiang is a practicing lawyer who has lived abroad for 35 years. He found that environmental protection equipment is widely used in other countries, highlighting Singapore's shortcomings in this regard. When Baoen temple was preparing for the expansion project, the management committee took advantage of this opportunity to introduce various environmental protection designs

Li Gu, the architect in charge of designing the glass tower, said that the glass tower also has an electrical connection to draw the required power from electricity at any time. He estimated that solar power could meet half of the power demand of the glass tower

he said that as early as five years ago, he and Li Wenxiang had the idea of building additional glass towers, but at that time, solar energy technology was not advanced enough, so the development plan had to be postponed. Now, although the construction of the glass tower has started, the development cost is still high and the project is also full of difficulties

Li Gu said that the glass tower is conical. Due to the angle problem, the solar panel of the device cannot fully contact the sun, and the light it can absorb is limited. Fortunately, the roof area of the hall is large, and more solar panels can be installed, which can make up for the lack of glass towers

Li Gu pointed out that the current cost of solar energy technology is also quite high. The whole project may cost 20million yuan, which is estimated to take 15 years to recover

in terms of the design of the factory automation department of the FA, 4800 small glazed Guanyin statues will be surrounded and juxtaposed on the inner wall of the seven story glass tower, so that when viewed from the lower building, rows of glazed Guanyin statues seem to overlap each other. The public who step into the glass tower can also see the sky outside the top floor

Li Wenxiang revealed that after the completion of the glass tower, he considered applying to the tourism administration to list the temple as a tourist attraction in order to attract more tourists and promote the concept of green building

Lithium cobalt oxide is one of the core cathode materials of lithium-ion batteries. At present, the temple also cooperates with many universities to let students use the power generation data of environmental protection equipment for research, so as to improve the renewable energy technology

in addition to environmental protection design, Baoen temple, which has a history of more than 60 years, will also cooperate with community organizations to develop the temple into a Leling activity center in order to meet the needs of older believers. Baoen temple will launch a series of activities next year, such as holding "Chair Yoga" and symposiums suitable for people of happy age, so that the elderly can live a more fulfilling and active life

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