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ABB India has set up a global service center for energy-saving frequency converters, opened remote digital services, and launched a new production line

ABB India today announced that two new plants were officially put into operation to support India in realizing digital transformation, promoting energy-saving technologies, and improving industrial productivity

in Bangalore, abb set up India's first digital remote service center for energy-saving frequency converter solutions, And a new digital low-voltage inverter production line

ABB remote service center can remotely access the inverter in the customer's factory all year round and provide support for it, so as to help customers in electric power, cement, oil and gas, metal, food and beverage and other industries achieve predictive maintenance and condition monitoring. The new center is ABB's third global remote service center, which has been fully opened in India. It will provide services for customer devices in India and even around the world

in India, the power consumption of industrial motors accounts for 31% of the total power consumption of the country. Using frequency converter to control the speed of these motors is the core of saving energy and improving productivity. The advantages of the remote center include quickly identifying potential problems, extending the normal operation time of customer equipment, and ultimately reducing operating costs

sanjeev Sharma, CEO and President of ABB India, said: giving full play to ABB's professional expertise in digital technology and establishing an advanced service center will further consolidate our commitment to Indian customers. We are very happy to bring the added value of digital product portfolio to Indian customers. Next, our export proportion to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. We will cooperate with them to develop a series of services to help operators learn to find problems and eliminate them, and help customers prepare their equipment for digitization. Turning to digital frequency converters, he added: we are committed to innovating for our customers in our country, and by developing new functions in line with the diversity of Indian society, such as device interfaces, we allow local customers to enjoy our global technology, which in turn allows us to give full play to the potential of our diversified staff teams scattered around the world

the new production line mainly produces digital low-voltage motors (acs560 and acs580 Series). The frequency converter data stored in the cloud can be safely accessed through the intelligence in daily use. Frequency converter is a kind of environmental protection equipment, which can make the motor run according to the current load instead of continuous full speed operation, so as to realize energy saving. These frequency converters have many energy optimization functions, which can be easily debugged through intelligence. They also have the ability to maintain stable operation in case of power fluctuations

Morten wierod, general manager of ABB global transmission business unit, pointed out that acs560 developed in India is designed for Indian customers. The user interface supports Hindi, and the energy calculator supports Indian Rupee calculation. This new inverter has application macros and is suitable for plastic, textile, water and pharmaceutical industries. The display based on unique icons supports rapid debugging and can meet the needs of Indian customers

ABB ability, which ABB recently released worldwide, consists of 180 industry-leading digital solutions and services, including ABB abilitytmcondition monitoring for drives. According to relevant reports, thanks to a series of energy-saving and efficiency enhancing measures, the last fiscal spring experiment opportunity developed towards high intelligent people. In the year, the load of Indian electricity fell by 10million kW during peak hours. Two key measures to promote efficiency improvement are the implementation, compliance and trading scheme (PAT) designed to encourage factories to use electricity efficiently, and the globally recognized LED lighting ujala scheme

Abb is a global technology leader in electrical products, robotics and motion control, industrial automation and electricity. Based on more than 125 years of innovation history, abb is constantly promoting the energy revolution and the fourth industrial revolution, and writing the future of industry digitalization. ABB Group has businesses in more than 100 countries around the world, with 132000 employees

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