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Take off with giant dragon - ABB has experienced 30 years of China's reform and opening up editor's note: on November 8, 2008, the "Fifth China Electrical Industry Development Summit Forum and the Ninth China electrical industry top 100 award ceremony" hosted by the electrical times magazine and supported by the China Electrical Industry Association, the China Society of electrical engineering, and the China Society of automation was held in Beijing. Muhe, senior vice president of ABB (China) Co., Ltd., delivered a speech with the theme of "flying with the dragon and walking with glory"

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ladies and gentlemen, first of all, I would like to thank the organizers of the conference for giving me such an opportunity to have a dialogue with you. Second, I would like to thank Mr. Lu for your very important speech just now. In my speech, there is a topic called" flying with dragons and walking with glory " 。 In fact, I want to share with you some of our experience in the development of ABB in the past 30 years. Next, we want to share with you some of our development in the past 30 years, as well as our experience in the past period of reform and opening up, and in the development of China's power industry. The last point is that we hope to create a better future together

in 1978, Mr. Deng Xiaoping, the great designer of China, opened the prelude to reform and opening up. In 1979, we also set up a permanent office in Beijing. In 1992, at the 14th National Congress of China, we first clearly proposed the establishment of a socialist market economic system. In fact, in the same year, abb also established its first joint venture in Xiamen, that is, ABB's switchgear Co., Ltd. I also participated in this important moment. At that time, I was in charge of establishing such a limited company in Germany, and I was very honored to return to China in 2000 to see how our baby grew up

in 1999, China proposed the western development strategy. In the same year, abb also made the largest single investment to establish Chongqing ABB Transformer Co., Ltd. today, this transformer company has become ABB's largest Transformer Co., Ltd. in the world. In addition, we also have a transformer company in Xiamen, which is an important company in our medium voltage field. Of course, China also lists independent innovation as one of the important tasks of the 11th five year plan. We also established the first R & D center in Asia in 2005, in Shanghai, China

in the past 30 years, abb has made outstanding achievements, and we have helped the Chinese government, our partners, our customers and our employees achieve great development. Of course, we also thank them for their support. We now have 25 manufacturing enterprises and 38 sales and service branches in China. Here is our company data in 2007. ABB China became the first branch of the group in 2007, There are more than 12800 employees, 99% of whom are Chinese employees. In 2007, abb China became our first branch in the world in terms of orders and sales, or revenue. We have also made a lot of investment in China, with a total investment of 820million in China, and we are about to exceed 1billion yuan, and we have also established a lot of global R & D centers in China

in the past 30 years, we believe that the most important point for ABB global company is that abb China Group has become one of the important bases for us to purchase for our other sister companies through China. In 2007, we conducted a total of purchases in China, including US $2.1 billion of products for our sister institutions in Europe and the United States

it's a great honor to provide our customers with advanced technology and make contributions to China's key projects, including some important projects, some very famous buildings, such as Beijing's International Airport, and we are very honored to see that our switch or transformer projects are also in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Tianjin, which are in a leading position in the market, And we are very honored to see that we have also won the bidding of the National Grand Theater, and also participated in some important landmark buildings in Beijing. We are also very happy to see that we have many loyal users, such as oxidation degradable plastic bags, packaging and instant food containers made of expanded polystyrene. Some of them come from the west to east gas transmission project, as well as some oil and natural gas customers

ABB has branches in more than 100 countries around the world. We are a global company, or a local company. Local society is one of our missions. We must show you which country we operate in and which society we have. In fact, we have three main aspects here. We hope to make our contribution to the local society. In China, we mainly support education, carry out environmental protection, and participate in charity and public welfare undertakings

here I want to share with you some progress we have made in the past few years. We have invested in supporting poor college students in 37 colleges and universities every year, from 2005 to 2008, and we have established a large ABB scholarship program, which has been set up in many colleges and universities. We have built primary schools in some poverty-stricken areas in Shanxi, and trained advanced skilled workers for some technical schools in Xi'an and Xiamen. We also conducted such training and donated teaching equipment

in 2007, we also conducted this kind of training for highly skilled workers based on ABB, and we also have such a technical school in Xiamen. We work very hard on technical environmental protection. First of all, we participated in an activity in Inner Mongolia, which is also an important symbol of our activity. Other activities are in Xiamen and Chongqing. The other is to participate in charity and public welfare undertakings. I would like to mention here that in Shanghai, we are very honored to help our nursing home project. We have seen a lot of gains in this project equipped with computer control. We help these old people have an environment to enjoy their old age in Shanghai

how ABB can be a pioneer and an active participant in the development of China's power industry. When we started to set up a joint venture in 1992, in fact, I think our most important experience or the fastest development is in China, because we have just applied it from our latest technology to one of our branches in China, so we have no local restrictions on this technology or resources. As we mentioned earlier, in 2000, it was not only manufacturing in China, At the same time, the design center is also in China, which will be manufactured later. Therefore, we have two centers, and many of us have set up research centers in Shanghai and Beijing. They focus on those power products, power systems and power stability. Since 2000, we have set up two technology centers, high voltage and medium voltage, located in Xiamen and Beijing, where more than 80 employees work. Through the feedback from our customers in China and around the world, we can make improvements and research and development in technology. At the same time, we also set up a transformer design center in Chongqing, which means that the transformers designed by those engineers in China are not only large transformers designed in China, but also large transformers in Europe and the United States. That is to say, before, for example, customers in Europe wanted to design large transformers. After this transformer was designed in Chongqing, it was manufactured in Europe. This is because after we set up these design centers in China, we can serve the world through all global networks. We also have local experts to build local R & D capabilities. We generally have very few foreign experts, 99% of whom are local experts. Our research center, people gather firewood flame high, and our transformer design center, first of all, serve the local market. We can better understand the needs and innovation of the Chinese market, At the same time, we actively cooperate with domestic universities, and we also establish contacts with Chinese research institutions to undertake research topics related to China. Recently, we have also undertaken global research tasks

efficiency and energy saving, because China is the first country to announce the use of high-voltage DC transmission technology, and high-efficiency transformers are all implemented in China for the first time in the world. Just mentioned that flexible AC system can make the system efficiency and energy saving. At the same time, it is controlled in the whole process, so that some settings of many high-efficiency motors can operate efficiently and save energy better

during our research and development, let's talk about our contribution to the development of China's power industry. We focus not only on research and development, but also on knowledge patents and standardization. Abb is an expert of all kinds in China and serves as a member in the 12 chapters of the China Standardization Committee. Globally, abb has more than 140 experts active in the Standardization Committee and group

90% of our purchases are made in China, which is very difficult for us, because all our local suppliers need to constantly improve their quality and management, which takes a long time, and we have implemented it. In 2007, we purchased more than US $2.1 billion in China, and then we purchased in China, not only ABB in China, but also assigned them to our companies in Europe and the United States

in addition, we believe that talents are very important, and employees are one of our focus. We are committed to the personal development of employees, so that they can continue to work in our company is very important. We have conducted talent training at home and abroad. We have provided our employees with a very comprehensive training and talent development plan, including safety plan. Because good talents like a good working environment, we also spend a lot of time investing in our talents. Every employee must receive 40 hours of job training every year, and more and more local talents have been promoted to management positions

I still remember in 2000, when there was only one Chinese in the management position, but now I am in charge of a total of 14 companies. I am very happy to say that among the 14 company management positions, 7 people are Chinese, and 10 people are in charge of financial management. Therefore, we spent a lot of time helping our Chinese colleagues develop, and they also did a very good job

let's see how we can create together in the future? How do we view some market drivers in the short term, medium term and long term in the future? In the short term, despite the current financial crisis, we believe that there will be an increase in energy demand. We also believe that it is very important to extend the service life of existing power plants. We also believe that we should improve the efficiency of existing power plants, which is being discussed all over the world. Whether it is the efficiency of our power plant or the efficiency of the whole electricity. In the medium term, we believe that we can shorten the gap with efficient power plants. We also believe that renewable power generation and decentralized power generation may be a very important theme in 2005. We also talked about renewable energy, such as

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