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Environmental protection promotes the reform of the printing industry

with the development of economy and the increasing prosperity of society, environmental protection has become a hot topic in recent years. This is not only a trend issue, but also an issue closely related to people. The impact of the printing industry on the environment can not be ignored. No matter from the environment or the economic changes caused by the environment, environmental protection issues will cause a profound change for the printing industry

the main sources of environmental pollution in traditional printing industry are ink, fountain solution, film and waste fixing solution, plastic coating, oily glazing materials, ink solvents, and some printing wastes. With the integration of China's printing industry with the international printing market, environmental friendly printing materials and processes have become a hot spot for the printing industry to improve competitiveness and take the path of sustainable development

in the historical trend of global scientific and technological cooperation in environmental protection, the printing industry and environmental protection industry are facing unprecedented business opportunities. The green theme advocated by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai WorldExpo has created an unprecedented broad international exchange environment for the increasingly open Chinese printing market, which is a good opportunity for the Chinese printing industry to grasp the trend, change the mode of economic growth, and speed up its entry into the world-wide global industry

the printing industry in many countries and regions in the world is making unremitting efforts to protect the environment: in Europe, the European Union is pushing environmental regulations to a new height. Recycled paper, waste paper recycling and environmental friendly ink have attracted more and more attention from printing and packaging enterprises. The packaging and printing industry has been impacted by a series of laws and regulations on environmental protection. At present, when choosing a printing plant, businesses not only choose from their strength, but also see whether the enterprise has obtained iso140001 certification

China's packaging and printing industry started relatively late with the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of the degree of automation. With the support of the national economic policy, it has achieved rapid development after the reform and opening up. However, China started relatively late in improving the environmental protection of printed materials, thereby improving the market competitiveness of printed products, but now it has also attracted the attention of the government, enterprises and other aspects. Many people of insight in the industry have introduced the concept of green printing into daily management and production process practice, and have done a lot of fruitful work. Many enterprises have passed the certification of ISO14001 environmental protection management system, and some enterprises are or are about to participate in the certification of ISO14001 environmental protection management system, but this is not enough. It needs to be popularized to most or even all enterprises. On the other hand, in the use of ink and matching technology, water-based ink, soybean ink and odorless ink have been actively promoted. In the field of flexible printing, water-based ink, water-based varnish and other packaging and printing materials have been widely used in corrugated fiberboard, folding carton and so on. All these prove that China's green printing industry is actively promoted and applied

green printing is imperative. For printing enterprises, green printing is conducive to the development of enterprises both in the long run and in the short run. In the long run, every printing enterprise undertakes the obligation and responsibility of environmental protection, so the environmental protection measures of the whole country and even the world have been implemented, and they are the direct and long-term beneficiaries of "starting from me" for improving China's natural environment and improving the deteriorating earth condition. In the short term, whether domestic printing enterprises will go abroad to participate in international competition or not, they must speed up the solution of the pollution problem of their own production

with China's accession to the WTO and the successful bid for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Chinese government has accelerated the pace of environmental protection, increased the intensity of environmental protection, and introduced many new laws and regulations related to environmental protection; At the same time, the environmental protection department has also stepped up inspections and crackdowns. Therefore, in order to ensure their steady development, printing enterprises must adapt to the new national policies and the pace of change, adjust environmental protection measures, and solve the pollution problem of production. On the other hand, the exhaust gas, waste liquid and noise produced by printing enterprises in production will directly lead to the deterioration of the surrounding environment. The deterioration of the environment will inevitably directly or indirectly increase the relevant costs of enterprises, so it is very convenient to operate, which is not conducive to the long-term development of enterprises. For those domestic printing enterprises that have joined or will join the international competition, environmental protection is an important issue that must be paid attention to in the development of enterprises

as an eternal topic of maintaining the human environment, environmental protection has gradually become the bounden duty of the printing industry. We believe that with the mutual cooperation and joint efforts of relevant industries, through continuous research and development of new materials and improvement of process technology, real green printing will more and more enter our lives, and the prospect of green printing will be broader and broader

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