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The environmental protection production reduction is expected to rise again, and the steel price may rise by taking advantage of the shock

the environmental protection production reduction is expected to rise again, and the steel price may rise by taking advantage of the shock

taking the S-type experimental machine sensor as an example, China Construction Machinery Information

last week, the domestic steel price rose first and then fell, closing at 2080 yuan/ton on Friday, up 30 yuan/ton from the previous Friday

in terms of futures, although rebar futures still fell slightly throughout the week, the lowest and highest points are higher than last week, reflecting that the bottom of the market has gradually risen, with strong first-line support of 2000 yuan/ton

analysis of total inventory

last week, from the total inventory of five major varieties of wire rod, rebar, hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil and medium and heavy plate, the total comprehensive inventory of the country was 12.1005 million tons, a decrease of 388500 tons or 3.11%. Overall, the national steel inventory maintained an accelerated decline trend, and the weekly decline was the highest since this year. At present, the national steel inventory level is 6.39% lower than that of the same period last year. The accelerated decline of domestic steel market inventory in the off-season of traditional consumption may reflect that on the one hand, steel mills' willingness to actively reduce production due to huge losses has increased significantly, while some steel enterprises continue to increase export distribution; On the other hand, in the case of bearish market outlook, steel traders are still actively shipping, reducing inventory hoarding

due to air quality problems, environmental protection and production reduction may become the focus of influencing the recent market trend

due to the aggravation of losses, even if there is no environmental protection reason, the steel plant taking the initiative to reduce the production of surface Rockwell hardness tester has also been expanding in July, and Shougang, Angang, Shagang, Yonggang and other large steel plants have also joined the ranks of production reduction and maintenance. And because the export loss is smaller than that of domestic sales, domestic steel mills are still actively seeking to expand exports. The overall situation of export orders is good, and the investment of domestic resources is reduced

with the increase of production reduction and maintenance of domestic steel enterprises driven by environmental protection and large losses, the domestic market supply is expected to continue to decline, and the market supply and demand situation is expected to improve slightly

measures to stabilize growth have helped

recently, the national steady growth policy has been increased again. On July 24, the State Council Office issued seven opinions on the steady growth of foreign trade to promote the steady growth of import and export, which is the fourth time that the State Council has issued a document to boost foreign trade in the past three months. The national development and Reform Commission recently issued a "notice", requiring all localities to promptly submit plans for the adjustment and use of investment stock funds in the central budget, adjust the stock funds to major projects under construction as soon as possible, and speed up the rectification work in places with large stock funds. Up to now, the estimated investment scale of railway, urban rail transit, airport construction and other large-scale infrastructure projects approved by the national development and Reform Commission has exceeded 800billion yuan. Only since March this year, the national development and Reform Commission, from the 1970s to the 1990s, gerber (Gerber) studied the effect of average stress on fatigue strength and proposed Gerbert parabolic equation, Goodman, British (Goodman) proposed the famous simplified straight-line Goodman chart, and approved that the investment scale of infrastructure projects reached 726.166 billion yuan. At the same time, 1043 government and social capital cooperation (PPP) projects from 29 provinces and cities were approved, with a total investment of 1.97 trillion yuan

in addition, the national development and Reform Commission said it would plan to launch four new major engineering packages in the near future. Among them, six major engineering packages of emerging industries were defined, released and implemented on July 23. In addition, according to statistics, the national railway completed a fixed asset investment of 265.130 billion yuan in the first half of this year. According to the predetermined plan of the annual fixed asset investment of 800 billion yuan at the beginning of the year, the second half of this machine is an ideal inspection equipment for coal-fired power enterprises, coal mine machinery and equipment, safety production inspection institute, technical supervision and other industries. It is suitable for tensile load, damage and other experiments of wire and cable, porcelain bottles, double hooks, steel strands, safety belts, waist ropes, foot buttons and other products, It requires flexible and convenient operation, slow and stable loading, and strong bearing capacity of the body It needs to complete 534.87 billion yuan in, more than double that of the first half of the year. As the main driver of steady growth, infrastructure investment in the second half of the year is expected to continue to work, driving the domestic steel market demand to gradually improve

analysts believe that the national steel inventory has fallen sharply for two consecutive weeks. Environmental protection and substantial losses have led to a significant increase in production reduction and maintenance of steel mills. Some leading steel mills have significantly reduced resource investment, and domestic market confidence has gradually strengthened. It is expected that the short-term domestic steel price is expected to continue the volatile upward trend

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