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Will the environmental protection tax law be implemented in the coating industry? Is it really unbearable

according to the State Administration of Taxation, the Standing Committee of the people's Congress of most provinces in China has recently released recycled aerospace grade pickleball paddles, which has reviewed and approved the local environmental protection tax plan, paving the way for the collection of environmental protection tax. All regions have made unified consideration of the local environmental carrying capacity, the current situation of pollutant discharge and the requirements of economic, social and ecological development goals, The tax plan is determined within the legal range

obviously, the formulation of the amount of environmental protection tax in various regions is in direct proportion to the local environmental protection situation - the more severe the environmental pollution situation is, the higher the environmental protection tax will be levied. Among them, the applicable tax for taxable air pollutants in Beijing is 12 yuan per pollution equivalent, and the applicable tax for taxable water pollutants is 14 yuan per pollution equivalent, all of which are implemented in accordance with the upper limit of tax amount specified in the environmental protection tax law

the collection of environmental protection tax is imminent and irreversible. When we look back on the coating industry, it is not difficult to find that in the past year, various interpretations of the possible impact of environmental protection taxes on the industry, enterprises and even consumers have long been "flying around", and the titles of these interpretation articles are often labeled with "heavy", "terrible" and "have to know", rendering an atmosphere of urgency, It makes the coating industry, which has been suffering from the rising cost of raw materials, feel more pressure

but is the environmental protection tax really the "wolf" that knocks on the door of the coating industry

it is true that the formal imposition of environmental protection tax will inevitably increase the pressure on the coating industry, but it does not suddenly come like the previous coating consumption tax, but gives a certain buffer time; Moreover, on the basis of the original sewage charge, the introduction of environmental protection tax is actually a substitute for the sewage charge. Therefore, even the increase in the amount and intensity of the levy can relieve this pressure through the abolition of the sewage charge

what's more, the current severe situation of environmental protection in China has reached a time when it is not allowed to be careless at all. The report points out that as a more standardized, stable and mandatory measure, the imposition of environmental protection tax will release a clear signal to enterprises to "control and reduce pollutant emissions, protect and improve the ecological environment". The coating industry is considered to be one of the major emitters of air pollutants, and it is reasonable to bear a certain pressure on emission reduction

Check whether all parts of the machine operate normally. In this regard, the report said, "relevant enterprises not only pay close attention to it, but also have begun to actively take emission reduction measures and strive to reduce tax costs." For coating enterprises, improving production processes, developing environmentally friendly products and establishing the development direction of environmental protection is a powerful path to reduce emissions and taxes. We are very pleased to see that the vast majority of coating enterprises have been actively exploring the path of environmental protection transformation in recent years, and have made remarkable achievements - for example, enterprises such as garberry, Xiangjiang coating, bards and so on have launched water-based products to practice the environmental protection shouldered by enterprises. In particular, Chenyang industry and trade, which is good at water-based paint products, has adhered to the road of water-based paint for many years, becoming a model for paint enterprises to carry out environmental protection transformation

therefore, today, when the environmental protection tax is about to be levied, only those enterprises that do not want to make progress and place their hopes on the weakening of the implementation of environmental protection policies. 2. Testing instruments and equipment, or having a fluke to avoid environmental protection law enforcement, will really worry about the arrival of the "wolf" of environmental protection tax, and will be in constant panic before it arrives

in this case, rather than blindly exaggerating the impact and pressure of environmental protection policies such as environmental protection tax, it is better to think about how to guide coating enterprises to accelerate the speed of environmental protection transformation, deepen the understanding of enterprises on the general trend of environmental protection, and let the society pay attention to the various contributions of the coating industry to the national environmental protection. Only in this way can we give enterprises a little encouragement and confidence to continue to adhere to the path of environmental protection, and the surface is smooth and beautiful, so as to help enterprises and industries truly resolve the heavy pressure brought by policies

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