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Environmental protection promotes the development of powder coatings (II)

since the 1990s, powder coatings have really been used in industrial automotive coating, but most of them are only used for automotive primer and stone strike resistant primer, and later developed into two in one topcoat. American companies have more than 5000t production records in this regard. BMW in Germany began to use powder coating as a class a gloss varnish for cars on the standard production line, and established two production lines. BASF also announced that it had used the new technology of powder non slurry in the production of Mercedes Benz's mainstream car, Mercedes A-class vehicles, so as to really open a new page of powder coating for automobile production. It is against this background that the first International Conference on powder coatings and coatings for automobile bodies was held in Berlin in 1998

in addition to automobiles, wood and furniture manufacturing industry is also a large user of coatings. Although it has been reported that powder coatings can be used for wood more than a decade ago, the real industrialized application is in recent years, especially after the successful development of w-cured powder coatings, the direct correlation between the speed of ow curing machine and the speed of driver can be achieved. Powder coatings can be cured at low temperature (below 100 ℃), which can not only be used for wooden furniture Medium density fiber has greatly expanded the use of powder coatings because it can be used for testing configuration boards, and can also be used for paper, plastic, rubber and other non-metallic materials. The theme of the second European Powder Coatings Conference held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in January 2000 was also w-cured powder coatings

all these show that there will be great opportunities for the development of powder coating industry. According to a report released by Lehman Brothers, the global market value of powder coatings is about US $3.5 billion, with a growth rate of 6% - 7%. According to the report of feipi&associates, the market value of powder coatings in North America reached US $920 million in 1998. It is expected that the market value of powder coatings in this region will increase to US $1.27 billion by 2003. The consulting agency also predicted that by 2003, the average annual growth rate of powder coatings in North America was 6.8%, that in Japan was 7.3%, that in Western Europe was 5.6%, and that in the rest of the world was as high as 11.5%. Lehman Brothers believes that the average annual growth rate of demand for powder coatings in Asia Pacific and Latin America is 10% - 15%, while the growth rate in North America and Europe, where the market is more mature, is between 4% - 7%

wad predicts that powder coatings will account for 20% of industrial coatings by 2010 (see Table 4). However, this development in 2012 is not just a simple increase in quantity, but an overall improvement in quality, variety, process and technology

Table 4 composition (%) of world industrial coatings that prevented oxides and other sundries produced in the process of tensile tests from falling into the friction pair of the lower jaw before 2010

coating variety

low solid coating 39.530.515.07.0

high solid coating 12.512.010.08.5

electrophoretic coating 8.510.015.517.0

other water-based coatings

powder coating

radiation curing coating

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