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[information] Taixing has issued a pilot work plan for the purchase subsidy of plant protection UAVs

according to the requirements of the notice on carrying out the pilot work of guiding the standardized application of plant protection UAVs with the purchase subsidy of agricultural machinery (Su Nong Ji hang [2018] No. 17) issued by Jiangsu provincial agricultural machinery administration, Jiangsu Provincial Department of finance, and Civil Aviation Administration of China, in order to promote the standardized application of plant protection UAVs and help the green development of agriculture, Recently, a pilot work plan for subsidies for the purchase of plant protection UAVs was introduced. According to the plan, the pilot subsidy funds of Taixing City are arranged from the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy funds issued by the province in 2018, and the pilot scope covers all towns (streets) in the city

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subsidy standard and pilot period. The electric multi rotor plant protection UAV with a drug load of 10 liters or more will be included in the pilot subsidy range, and subsidies will be divided into grades From September 30, 2018, newly purchased qualified plant protection UAVs can apply for subsidies, and the deadline for applying for subsidies is February 28, 2019

subsidy objects and subsidy application conditions. The subsidy objects are agricultural production and operation organizations engaged in plant protection operations in the region of Taixing City, mainly including farmers (agricultural machinery) professional cooperatives, plant protection operation organizations, crop pest control and rule organizations, etc. no subsidy is temporarily granted for individuals to purchase plant protection UAVs. In principle, the maximum subsidy in the city is no more than 33 units. The same purchasing unit has also created a new "partner" business model, and the maximum subsidy is 5 units. The allocation of subsidy indicators is in the order of application time. After reaching the upper limit of subsidy, the pilot work of subsidy for the purchase of plant protection UAVs in this year will be stopped immediately

subsidy application conditions: have a certain number of operators who have passed the training of pilot product production enterprises or professional institutions, and provide training certificates. There is a sound system for the operation and management of plant protection UAVs, and provides systems such as in and out of the warehouse registration, special personnel custody, plant protection operation process, safe flight control, operation record statistics, etc. Before applying for subsidies, the real name registration or nationality registration has been completed in accordance with the provisions on the registration management of civil unmanned aerial vehicles under the real name system, and the registration marks have been pasted on the machines and tools applying for subsidies. Property damage insurance and third party insurance have been insured, and the insurance policy has been provided, and the insurance period is not less than one year

each plant protection UAV has completed no less than 200 mu of plant protection operations before applying for subsidies

technical conditions of pilot products: the empty weight is not more than 116 kg, the take-off total weight is not more than 150 kg, and the drug load is 10 liters or more. The design flight speed is no more than 15 meters/second, and the design flight true height is no more than 20 meters, which is mainly determined by the market supply-demand relationship. It can be controlled within the sight distance or extended sight distance. There are fixed installation positions of medicine boxes and only matching fasteners. One model can and can only match one medicine box. There is an operator identity key access device, which can be connected through the key before operation and flight. It is equipped with flight control chip, electronic fence, obstacle avoidance system software, real-time recording and storage equipment of FS line data with fluctuation of operation flight amplitude not greater than 2% of each file, and pesticide application operation system, which has the functions of preventing heavy spray leakage and pesticide drift, and can realize the identification, monitoring and tracing of operation flight

subsidy application process, autonomous purchase of machines, autonomous purchase of machines by agricultural production and operation organizations, and non cash payment of machine purchase funds are encouraged to facilitate the whole process of purchase behavior and capital exchanges. The product sales enterprise must provide the buyer with the purchase invoice, after-sales service certificate, product certificate of conformity and a set of rubbing film including product model, machine factory number (body code) and flight control code

the operation mode of "self purchase, purchase first and then supplement, township acceptance, county-level settlement, and direct subsidy to card" is implemented for subsidy application and cashing. After the agricultural production and operation organization purchases the plant protection UAV and completes the work volume of each UAV of no less than 200 mu, it shall apply for subsidy funds to the township (street) agricultural technology service center where it is located, and the township (street) Agricultural Technology Service Center shall handle the subsidy application acceptance procedures after verifying the purchase object and machines and tools

work requirements: effectively strengthen the organization. Since the flexible packaging materials are mainly high molecular polymers or its related materials, strengthen information disclosure, strengthen risk management and control, strengthen the tracking and understanding of the effect of plant protection operations of pilot products, summarize the experience and laws of plant protection UAV operation and management, timely put forward the problems existing in the process of policy implementation, policy improvement suggestions, etc., and guide the scientific, safe Standardize the use of plant protection UAVs

(source: Jiangsu, China)

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