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China Xinfu: the Shanghai index shrank, fluctuated, controlled positions and other inflection points

release date: Source: China Xinfu

this Wednesday, the Shanghai Stock Exchange index opened low in the morning, showing a sideways trend throughout the day, and finally closed a small positive line above the 5-day moving average, with volume energy significantly shrinking compared with the previous trading day. On Wednesday, the gem index opened slightly higher in the morning, showing a sideways fluctuation and a slight decline throughout the day. Finally, it closed a small negative line above the 5-day moving average, and the volume energy shrank compared with the previous trading day. It is observed that by the end of this Wednesday, we should also consider whether the oil is too thin and dirty. When the afternoon closes, the Shanghai Stock Exchange index has just recovered its five week average on the weekly line. On the daily line of Shanghai Stock Exchange, after the heavy volume neutral line on Monday, there was a false positive cross with sideways trading on Tuesday, and a small positive line with sideways trading again on Wednesday. The daily MACD index has shown a bull dominated stage. The author tends to: even if there is a "short tone" this week, the market opportunity is still greater than the market risk. In terms of investment strategy, it is suggested that prudent investors should control their positions (%) and operate the short-term spread that they can understand at their discretion during the session; It is suggested that short-term traders should control their positions, focus on the potential varieties with operational value in the plates with high probability of performance opportunities in August in the future market, participate in the short-term callback appropriately in the future market, fast in and fast out in the short-term or small band, strictly implement the trading discipline, and seek profits and avoid risks. Today (Thursday) it is suggested to pay attention to the important upward pressure of the Shanghai stock index around 2910 and 2932 points, and the short-term support levels of 2857 and 28. Let's first learn more about the area around 27 points

from Wednesday's disk, there were divisions in various industry sectors, including phosphorus concept, polysilicon, Shanghai free trade, solar energy, transportation services, yesterday's daily limit, rental and purchase rights "This is a non isothermal process, and the growth of new social security, fluorine concept, culture, education and leisure, aerospace, smart wear, carbon fiber, public transportation, environmental protection, papermaking, public transportation, papermaking and other sectors ranks in the forefront; while the secondary new board, artificial meat, seed industry, secondary new shares, pork, foreign capital background, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing, ships, wine making, gold concept, rare earth permanent magnet, transportation equipment, non-ferrous metals, luxury goods, food and beverage Third, convergence and other sectors led the decline. The sectors with large capital inflows on Wednesday mainly include electrical equipment, electronic devices, household appliances, chemical industry, real estate, etc. the sectors with large capital outflows mainly include non-ferrous metals, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, medicine and biology, food and beverage, machinery and equipment, etc. On Thursday, we made the following fine adjustments in the direction of stock selection: short-term focus: 1. Pan Technology (5g+, Huawei concept, import substitution, etc.); 2. Consumer electronics, agriculture, medical and pharmaceutical (innovative drugs), wine and food, etc; 3. Shenzhen local shares and Shanghai local shares. Medium term perspective 1. Concern about the normal operation of the beam: 1. The forecast performance of the third quarter report has increased significantly, and we expect to like high-quality varieties that exceed expectations. Investors should also be alert to the risk of covering the decline of some strong stocks. For reference only

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