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Information technology leads the intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry

at present, a new round of global scientific and technological revolution is surging, and intelligent manufacturing, which is characterized by the deep integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing industry, has become the main trend of global manufacturing development. Revolutionary breakthroughs and cross integration in important fields and cutting-edge directions such as information technology, new energy, new materials and biotechnology are triggering a new round of industrial changes, and are having a disruptive impact on the global manufacturing industry and changing the development pattern of the global manufacturing industry. How can China's manufacturing industry lead the future with wisdom? At the second "made in China 2025 (Shenzhen) Summit Forum" held in Shenzhen recently, participants put forward relevant opinions and suggestions

integration of information technology and manufacturing

Li Yizhong, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, deputy director of the economic committee, former Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and President of the China Federation of industrial economics, said that we should give full play to the driving and leading role of informatization in the economy, and promote contemporary new material production enterprises to independently decide whether to insure the development of high and new technology through the guidance of a new generation of information technology, We will widely apply information technology to all fields and industries of the national economy, optimize the allocation of various natural and social resources through interconnection, and actively integrate the theme of "interconnection +" actions

Li Yizhong said that we should promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, and realize the synchronous development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization. Among them, industrialization plays a leading and supporting role, and informatization plays a driving and leading role

first, use the new generation of information technology to lead and promote the development of contemporary high-tech. The development of information technology is changing with each passing day, and it has penetrated and integrated into all fields. Internet, big data and cloud computing are themselves the boosters of innovation and entrepreneurship. The combination of information technology and related professional technologies will give birth to new cutting-edge scientific and technological products. Li Yizhong said, for example, among the 17 major national science and technology projects, the first is nuclear high-tech, the second is integrated circuits, and the third is wireless communication, all of which are electronic communication technologies. Almost all items from item 4 to item 17 are closely related to information technology, such as high-end CNC machine tools and robots, large aircraft, aeroengines and gas turbines, which are the combination of a new generation of information technology and professional technology. Therefore, while vigorously developing the new generation of information technology, we should also pay attention to the development of various cutting-edge disciplines, especially their mutual penetration and intersection, and the emergence of new frontier disciplines and cutting-edge and corresponding valve design disciplines

second, information technology is widely integrated and applied to all fields and industries of the national economy. Embedding electronic information technology into a product will enhance the added value and functions of the product. The combination of information technology and industrial manufacturing technology improves the technology, equipment efficiency and accuracy of manufacturing industry, digitalization of production equipment, intellectualization of technological process, and precision manufacturing and extreme manufacturing can become a reality

third, optimize the allocation of various natural and social resources through interconnection. Interconnection connects all living things, maximizes the potential of resources, innovates and changes the operation mode and production relations, expedites new industries, new models and new business forms, and improves the efficiency of operation. Breaking load is also called breaking strength rate and efficiency. Li Yizhong said that for example, personalized scale customization, collaborative manufacturing, maker R & D and design, and crowdfunding capital operation in the manufacturing industry have been widely carried out

fourth, remarkable results have been achieved in carrying out the "joint +" action. Practice has proved that the "+" industry enterprises should be the main body of action. Li Yizhong said that integration is the main theme of the "Internet +" action. Online and offline integration, virtual and real integration, and cross-border industrial integration, rising to the national level, is to combine the two national strategies of networking power and manufacturing power, which complement each other and develop in a coordinated manner. Manufacturing is the main area of "interconnection +" action. It can be said that among many "interconnection +" actions, made in China + interconnection is the top priority

intelligent manufacturing is the key

an Xiaopeng, Deputy Secretary General of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that in the guiding ideology of "made in China 2025", it was clearly proposed that to speed up the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry as the main line, to promote intelligent manufacturing as the direction, and to promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization is the foundation of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and also the foundation of the industry and information system

anxiaopeng said that intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of industrial development in the future, and its core is the further integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing industry. An Xiaopeng proposed that all chemical synthetic fiber production companies in smart Europe will expand the scope of transactions with automobile manufacturers, including product intelligence, production process intelligence, management intelligence, service intelligence, etc. In order to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry, intelligent equipment and modern production technology have been popularized in key industries, the informatization of production process has developed in depth, and the pace of digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation of production equipment and major technical equipment in machinery, shipbuilding, automobile, textile and other industries has accelerated

At the meeting, an Xiaopeng deeply analyzed the important role of Intelligent Manufacturing in the manufacturing industry from five aspects: integration is the focus, capability is the main line, data is the soul, end soft cloud (new four bases) is the new foundation, and ecosystem competition is the commanding height of industrial competition

Huang Qunhui, director of the Institute of industrial economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that intelligent manufacturing is the foundation of manufacturing, and innovation is the foundation of the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing. In the whole manufacturing and socio-economic operation, information or data independence has become a key input factor for social development. Driven by intelligent manufacturing, information will become the key to the future social development, and even the key to the future social development level. It is the most scarce element that determines the level of modernization

Huang Qunhui said that intelligent manufacturing will change the industrial structure, promote the integration of information and economy through industrial interconnection and e-commerce as a platform, and gradually upgrade the industry to become a modern production system with higher productivity. Huang Qunhui stressed that intelligent manufacturing is the key to the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Small and medium-sized enterprises have played a great role in the innovation of intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, the innovation ability of technicians, especially the "craftsman spirit", is also very important

Huang Qunhui suggested that the first is to explore a new strategy for the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in line with China's national conditions. Now China is far from intelligent manufacturing, compared with Germany, a manufacturing power with the first policy. The second is to develop intelligent manufacturing and products. Third, promote the intellectualization of manufacturing process. Fourth, deepen the application of interconnection in the manufacturing field. Fifth, in terms of investment, for example, infrastructure in the cloud needs more investment. Sixth, industrial integration

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