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Informatization construction is the king's sword to improve the profit space of carton enterprises

normal> in the 1990s, when informatization swept through the developed countries in Europe and the United States, no one would expect that China's carton industry will also usher in the surge of informatization construction. Even if the time is reversed for five years, and all walks of life are rushing towards modernization, few "terracotta warriors" in the carton industry dare to imagine that the concept of informatization will penetrate into all corners of the carton industry in just a few years, and set off a wave of informatization in carton Enterprises - this is indeed what has happened in the carton industry in recent years

it is difficult to say whether informatization has been introduced into the carton industry in pursuit of rapid, efficient and accurate management of production processes and saving human resources, or whether informatization has actively extended its "tentacles" to the carton industry. In short, the changes brought by informatization to many carton enterprises in recent years are clear at a glance. Under the condition that the profit space of the carton industry is getting smaller and smaller, carton enterprises that boldly use information systems to carry out internal transformation see vitality

the start of informatization comes from the establishment of internal local area. With the help of tools with the functions of information acquisition, information transmission, information processing, information regeneration and information utilization, the information of the whole plant can be operated on the same network platform. It is different from simple data and word computer processing, and some independent statistics of various departments are computer-aided. It has achieved a qualitative leap

normal> ultimate goal: rapid response to win customers

normal> is the informatization content of carton industry different from that of other manufacturing industries "To realize the industrialization of poly amino acids, there are essential differences, but it has its own characteristics. The carton industry is an industry combining manufacturing and service. As far as the current situation is concerned, its products are not directly used in mass consumption, and it is difficult to dominate the market. Instead, it must be subject to the industry/enterprise it serves, and be matched with its needs. Therefore, production is determined by sales, rapid response, and the requirements are from order input to production planning and scheduling to machine tool controller information conversion A series of actions in the process must be completed in a very short time. The timely delivery and order processing of the carton industry have become another major feature of the management system. Modern production requires the carton factory to effectively arrange and record production, inventory and delivery, and the sales department can see the progress of each order at any time, so as to take early action against any event that may deviate from the plan

normal> in addition to the need for information construction in the supply chain, the carton factory is also faced with the complexity of management. It is difficult to get rid of the situation of "three more, one low and one slow" (many personnel, many errors, many repetitions, low efficiency and slow information) for manual management. Information management can help carton factories solve the above problems to a great extent

In terms of details, the informatization of carton industry can help carton factories establish their advantages in production management from the construction of three levels. For example, the integration of enterprise internal information processing and decision-making process can realize the integration of information decision-making of various departments such as product design, order input and production scheduling of carton factory, greatly improve the efficiency of cooperation between various departments and reduce errors; The integration of business process and production process enables the carton enterprise management department to integrate with the production line control system, realizing one-step completion from order input to production plan, and then to machine tool control, greatly shortening the whole production cycle. At the same time, it forms the integration of sales, production, inventory, delivery and accounting systems in logistics, so that orders can be input to the production schedule, The automatic information transmission and conversion process to tile line production is completed in a few minutes, and the whole delivery cycle is shortened by the large-scale insulation - affirmation of steady-state thermal performance - Calibration and protection hot box method iso8990:1994; The integration between the enterprise and the outside allows customers to enter orders through Internet to query the progress of their orders, such as production, inventory, delivery, payment records, etc., so that good and rapid communication has been established between the upstream and downstream of the supply chain. Of course, at present, the construction of the third layer of carton factory informatization still needs further informatization construction of carton industry

normal> in addition, due to the difference of the original informatization foundation of each enterprise, the informatization project cannot be achieved overnight. It must be implemented in planned steps, and a set of practical development plans must be formulated according to the specific situation of the enterprise. The degree of integration is from low to high, first the internal information integration, then the management and machine control integration, and finally the internal and external integration. Therefore, we have a clear understanding of the pace of informatization and have taken corresponding steps; In the process of implementation, we should constantly coordinate the differences between the computer process system and the actual process of enterprise management, and be ready to adopt more modern, standardized and strict management systems and processes at any time, which has laid the most solid foundation for enterprise informatization

normal> the construction of informatization can not be completed overnight. Only by selecting the informatization system in time can we maximize the profit output. Therefore, the products are widely used

normal> take the corrugated machine production management system configured in the carton factory as an example to illustrate what preparations the carton factory should make and what problems should be paid attention to

normal> configuration status of your tile line equipment. The production management system of corrugating machine is a computer control system to assist the automatic production of corrugating machine. Its powerful automatic control function still needs to be realized by corrugating machine. Talking about the production management system of corrugating machine without corrugating machine is like a castle in the air and talking on paper

normal> what parts can be controlled. Have a comprehensive understanding of your tile line equipment and choose the production management system that is suitable for you. After buying the corrugated machine production management system, the excessive or insufficient functions are not conducive to giving full play to the advantages of the equipment. Therefore, we should purchase the corrugating machine production management system with the corresponding functions of our own equipment in order to make full use of our own equipment

normal> the purchasing power and production capacity of the carton factory. For carton factories with an annual output value of less than 20million yuan, investing in the purchase of corrugated machine production management system will suddenly increase costs, and it is difficult to recover the costs in the short term. Therefore, carton factories with low production capacity and financial difficulties need to take a long-term view on the production management system of corrugated machines. In addition, the advantages of corrugated machine production management are particularly prominent when there are many orders and large output. When the output cannot reach a high scale, the corrugated machine production management system has the regret that "heroes have no place to play"

normal> prepare appropriate operators. There is no doubt that the production management system of corrugated machine can realize the automatic control of corrugated machine. However, this feature does not exclude the need for manual operation. Therefore, before launching the corrugated machine production management system, it is necessary to consider whether our employees have a certain cultural level to adapt to the future computer operation, and whether they are enthusiastic about new things

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