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Informatization observation successfully held 2020 China smart office industry ecological conference

on April 17, the online conference of 2020 China smart office industry ecological conference co hosted by informatization observation and the Organizing Committee of China smart office industry ecological conference was successfully held. With the theme of digital driven borderless collaboration, this conference will share the current advanced smart office technologies, products and solutions by combining the summit forum, promotion of results release and exhibition. By expanding new ideas and exploring new ways, it will help enterprises solve problems and clarify the path for the development of smart office industry. This online conference received the attention and support of experts, scholars, industry users, and more than 100 authoritative media. The number of viewers exceeded 100000, and the number of business cards exchanged exceeded 10000

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Deng Cheng, vice president of information observation, delivered an opening speech for the conference. Cui Jian, head of Baidu AI Cloud storage and database product direction, Su Zhixing, deputy general manager of Tencent cloud enterprise product department, Zhao Haipeng, director of the product center of vision enterprise service group, and Xie Qiuping, project director of Shanghai Beirui Information Technology Co., Ltd., delivered keynote speeches respectively

Deng Cheng, vice president of informatization observation, pointed out that although smart office is becoming a trend, there is still a long way to go, and the problems of capacity expansion and upgrading, user stickiness, information security and so on cannot be ignored. He said that information observation will continue to play the role of a barometer and weathervane of industrial development, promote the integration of enterprises with the new generation of information technology, promote the coordinated development between enterprises, help enterprises reduce the threshold of transformation, and solve the mystery of the situation

Cui Jian, head of Baidu AI Cloud storage and database product direction, delivered a keynote speech entitled "storage system embracing the intelligent era". He pointed out that the current data volume is showing an explosive growth trend, and the storage industry is facing four major challenges: massive data, data diversification, high cost performance storage, and data intelligence. He said that Baidu AI Cloud has always attached importance to R & D investment, and now it is benefiting customers of Baidu AI Cloud to help them cope with various storage challenges and bring greater value to enterprises

Su Zhixing, deputy general manager of Tencent, brought a theme sharing entitled "digital customer connection of enterprises". The continuous transformation of new and old economic drivers requires industrial interconnection to realize the industrial digital ecological linkage after the transformation of cross mobile phones from functional machines to smart machines. The core of industrial interconnection is to open up the information flow and realize the intelligent coordination of supply and demand of various industries. The change of customer consumption trend shows the importance of realizing digital customer connection, and also points out the direction for the digital development of enterprises. President Su said that Tencent hopes to help enterprises build a digital platform for customer communication and interaction, truly do a good job in every step of marketing, acquisition, insight, sales, customer service and re purchase, and provide customers with the best one-time experience in the whole life cycle with customers as the center

zhaohaipeng, director of the product center of vision enterprise service group, pointed out in his speech with the theme of "smart conference platform in the digital age" that traditional conferences have problems such as easy information omission and difficult instant sharing. With the advent of the era of digital office, it is imperative to innovate the traditional conference mode. He believes that a truly effective meeting is a phased process, which should be considered and managed from three aspects: before, during and after the meeting. In his speech, he shared the whole process solution of maxhub conference, hoping to help enterprises' digital operation and become a booster for enterprises to realize innovation and transformation

xieqiuping, project director of Shanghai Beirui Information Technology Co., Ltd., shared the theme of "sunflower + dandelion boosts smart office and creates a company like remote experience". Using the characteristics of online meetings, she introduced the functions and demonstrated the operation of several remote control software under Beirui, intuitively demonstrating the value of the office mode. She said that the demand for telecommuting will become the standard configuration of enterprises and a normal measure to deal with emergencies. In the future, she hopes to provide more enterprises with more professional telecommuting solutions

at the summit forum, the organizer also released the "smart office industry excellent project". This optimization project lasted more than two months, and more than 200 enterprises applied for the results. After multiple rounds of screening and price reduction, it is not expected to be evaluated in the general election. Finally, more than 20 enterprises, such as Dingding, Baidu AI Cloud, Huawei cloud, Kingdee cloud home, lemon cloud finance and taxation, obtained the qualification for optimization. In addition to the excellent achievements of enterprises, the online exhibition hall also has functions such as business card exchange and data download, which has built a communication bridge between enterprises and users

in order to further promote the development of the smart office industry and lead the innovation, development and upgrading of enterprises, the first market trend report in the smart office field in the industry was prepared and released on the same day of the conference, led by informatization observation. The report was prepared by Guorun Research Institute, which collected 12000 sample data and provided data support by information observation through Internet and other ways, elaborated the current market situation in the field of smart office, predicted a new round of supply and demand situation, and analyzed and proposed the path principles to be followed in the development process of smart office field, such as application direction and development layout

attachment: the list of excellent candidates (in no particular order) of 2020 China smart office industry ecological conference

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