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Hehe information has become the official partner of the 2019 world AI conference, empowering AI for future finance. Recently, with the countdown to the 2019 world AI Conference (waic), 27 partners of this conference also surfaced one by one. Shanghai hehe Information Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as hehe information) as the head enterprise representative of AI enabled financial technology, has become a platinum partner of the organizing committee

On August 31, the two sides will jointly launch a special sub Forum on future finance at this AI conference. The development trend of Finance in the future is just like Kevin Kelly's prediction of the future, we must believe those impossible things, we are still at the beginning of the beginning. After entering the digital era, the cognition of the financial industry will be full of innovation and variables

with the increasingly close integration of Finance and technology, the shape of the financial industry is constantly updating. At this future financial forum, the organizer hehe information will invite a number of global masters in economics and artificial intelligence to talk with industry leaders about the forward-looking technology and future development trend of the combination of AI and industry in the financial field

highlight 1: Six celebrities including Nobel Prize winners gathered at the future financial forum

Thomas rgent, the Nobel economics prize winner, is a legend in the field of economics. He is also one of the users of camscanner, a product of Hehe information. At this future financial forum, he will be invited to attend and make a presentation on the status of global fintech

connection, especially the connection between people, is an important infrastructure to promote innovation. Thomas. Sargent said that there are some theories that may originate from economics, but can be used to solve problems in the field of artificial intelligence; There are some statistical theories, such as control theory and probability theory, that can help people understand blockchain and related applications, such as deep trust networks, which are the result of multidisciplinary joint connection

many financial institutions on Wall Street in the United States have paid attention to or applied AI technology in the process of reduction, and some hedge funds first hired AI experts to help them develop corresponding AI technology. Deng Li, an AI expert and former chief scientist of Microsoft AI, is one of them. In his view, with the continuous improvement of deep learning ability, great progress has been made in speech recognition, natural language processing, robotics, computer vision and other fields. With the combination with the industry, it will play a greater role in the progress of the industry. Taking the financial industry as an example, the amount of data in the financial field is particularly rich, and the combination with AI is very promising

in addition, Zhen Lixin, the founder of Hehe information, a famous machine learning expert, pedrodomingos, the author of the ultimate algorithm, apple machine learning and apple machine learning and AI strategy are high. 2. Because the jaws of the hydraulic universal experimental machine are often used, John giannandrea, the senior vice president, lifelong professor of Yale University, and the director of the flint laboratory, Shaozhong, winner of NSFC young scholars award, and others will also attend the future financial forum. Jointly discuss the fission from strategy to service in the financial 3.0 era

highlight 2: the future financial forum will release trend cognitive changes

this future financial sub forum will share the hottest AI + finance topics, including regulation, technology driven, AI innovation, digital finance and electronic payment. Through the core variables brought by AI and even self-developed 3D printing equipment +, the cross-border, reconstruction and integration of the financial industry are taking place

the organizer hehe information is a unicorn enterprise in the field of artificial intelligence in Shanghai. It owns product matrices such as scanning king, business card king and qixinbao, and its downloads cover hundreds of millions of elite workplace users around the world. In recent years, hehe information has taken STR + AI + data as the technology driven AI strategy to promote AI technology and AI + empowerment plans in finance, insurance and other industries. It provides AI services to more than 2000 financial, insurance and other enterprise users in China

at this forum, new business forms such as intelligent risk portal, automated financial room, self-service information integration, and automatic business intelligence screening will be displayed to the public

in the next five years, hehe information will focus on the financial industry as the main service object (including the supporting related industries of the financial industry, the evaluation industry, and the notarization industry), so as to help financial enterprises have the ability to apply AI technology and provide specific AI solutions. For the intelligent development, upgrading and application of the financial industry, be the best ferries, guides and assistants, and provide AI solutions. Let the financial industry connect information more closely and efficiently, and enable the financial industry to apply AI

the on-site cooperation information will also release the 2019 financial technology white paper. The advanced options and consensus of the financial industry will be shared, and the cutting-edge AI applications will be intensively displayed. Promote the development of global AI industry and technological innovation in a more healthy and comprehensive way

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