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The information times rated the most influential people in China's household appliance industry. Who are they

the information times rated the most influential people in China's household appliance industry. Who are they

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original title: the information times rated the most influential people in China's household appliance industry. Who are they

in 2018, China's household appliance industry has ushered in 40 years of reform and opening up. Looking back on the past year, affected by Sino US trade frictions and domestic real estate regulation policies, the home appliance market has been calm, one after another; All major electric brands have braved the wind and waves in this extraordinary voyage

according to the data of the National Information Center, in 2018, the growth rate of the washing machine industry showed a negative growth of 2%, and the head brands (marked by Midea's absorption, merger and reorganization) showed that they successively released their own brands or high-end series that cannot directly plug and unplug the guide line of load sensors, and the market further moved towards high-end. On the other hand, the volume of clothes dryers in the first eight months increased by 33.6% and 54.8% respectively year-on-year, which is a new profit growth point for the industry

the highlight of the refrigerator industry is also in the high-end part: according to the monthly offline monitoring data of zhongyikang, the average retail price of the refrigerator market reached 4046 yuan in 2018, an increase of 483 yuan compared with the same period last year, with an increase of 13.6%. Compared with the lukewarm and tepid refrigerators and washing machines of the same white Electricity Department, air conditioning is a category with a larger proportion and the strongest performance. In the first half of the year, it continued the previous high-rise trend, but in the second half of the year, the performance suddenly turned downward, and the performance inflection point appeared

according to the survey results of zhongyikang, the average price increase of air conditioners began to slow down in July 2018, and eventually evolved into the decline of the average price of most specifications of air conditioners. On the other hand, in the second half of the year, the growth rate of the overall air-conditioning market turned from increase to negative, and the growth rate of the online air-conditioning market also fell sharply. Some sales weeks began to see negative growth in scale. This sign has also aroused the vigilance of mainstream air-conditioning brands. Recently, they have launched a batch of "factory direct supply and direct marketing" promotions in various market regions. Haier has also launched the "Thanksgiving month" feedback, and Midea has also promoted the transformation of "transforming agents into marketing service providers". The purpose is to shorten the distance between factories and users' homes, so as to respond to and perceive market changes faster

according to the analysis of relevant personages of China Household Appliances Association, the market demand for household appliances was stable in the first half of this year, and began to shrink in the second half of this year. Among the four major sectors of household appliances, only color TVs, represented by black TVs, remained in the doldrums. The growth of kitchen and bathroom appliances, which attracted much attention last year, slowed down this year, and the overall performance of white TVs was stable; Only household appliances are outstanding, with sales expected to increase by 15% year-on-year

relevant people believe that the current dominance of household appliances is due to the combined force of multiple benefits. With the upgrading of consumption, products that can improve the living environment, improve the quality of life, free hands and improve efficiency, such as floor sweeping robots, electronic toilet covers, dishwashers, etc., begin to attract consumers' attention; Another unique advantage of household appliances is that the overall average price increase online is higher than that offline. In 2018, the average market price increase of hairdressing series, blenders and humidifiers ranked among the top three among all products; With the rapid development of e-commerce platforms, household appliances have the characteristics of small size and no installation, which are more conducive to online sales, and thus enjoy the e-commerce dividend to the greatest extent

despite the poor market environment, Chinese household appliance enterprises still forge ahead with the spirit of pioneering and innovating and climbing the peak, Since November, the home appliance business department of information times has conducted a nearly two month community coupon survey and store background data collection, combined with the home appliance market data released by zhongyikang and aoweiyun; Haier, Midea, Gree, Skyworth, Konka, TCL, Galanz, Wanhe, Fangtai, boss, vantage, Wanjiale, Ouyi, Kangbao, Zhigao, Yingxue, Sochi, Weili, Xiaoxiong, colorful and other brand enterprises continue to lead the industry with scientific and technological strength

the information times specially planned the 2018 special issue of "heroes' Association" of China's home appliance industry, focusing on the inventory of heroes who have made significant contributions to the industry in the past year, enterprises with super competitive strength in the industry, and home appliance products most loved by consumers, with a view to jointly witnessing and commending them. Today, the winners and brand enterprises of the hero club were officially announced

2018 hero Association of China's household appliance industry Award list

2018 man of the year in China's home appliance industry

Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Li Dongsheng, chairman of TCL Group

Liang Haishan, executive president of Qingdao Haier Group

Fang Hongbo, chairman of Midea Group

Liu Tangzhi, President of Skyworth Group

Zhou Bin, President of Konka Group Co., Ltd.

Mao Zhongqun, chairman and President of Fangtai group

Guangdong Wan And Lu Chulong, chairman of the group, Luo Xiaojia, chairman of Guangdong Kangbao Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Ren FUJIA, President of Hangzhou boss Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., pan Yejiang, chairman of vatti Co., Ltd., new energy materials in the field of electric vehicles Key strategic materials such as high-performance magnetic materials, high-performance fibers and composites

Liang Zhaoxian, executive president of Guangdong Galanz Group Co., Ltd.

Fang Zhiming, chairman of Zhejiang Ouyi intelligent kitchen Co., Ltd.

Li Rongkun, chairman of Zhongshan Yingxue Group Co., Ltd.

Li Xinghao, chairman and President of Zhigao group

2018 China's leading figure in the lighting industry

OPP Lighting Co., Ltd Chairman of the company wangyaohai

chairman of Guangdong juhao Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. Xu Jianlong

chairman of Guangdong Liangxin Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang houding

chairman of Rex lighting group Wang Donglei

chairman of Guangdong Sanxiong Aurora Lighting Co., Ltd. Zhang Yutao

2018 leader of China's home appliances in South China

Gu Wei, executive vice president of Suning e-buy in South China and general manager of Guangzhou

Ma Yang, general manager of Guangzhou Gome Appliance Co., Ltd.

Xia Tao, general manager of Guangzhou center of Haier home appliance industry group

Li Yongguang, vice chairman of Guangdong Kangbao Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Lu zhougang, general manager of Guangzhou Shengshi Xinxing Gree Trading Co., Ltd.

Xiao Yongli, general manager of Skyworth Group Guangdong Branch

Guangdong wanjialeran, so as to improve and control the direction of recycling logistics Li Tao, general manager of the thermal energy business department of Guangdong Wanjiale Gas Appliance Co., Ltd.

Chen Jiasheng, general manager of the hot water business department of Guangdong Wanjiale Gas Appliance Co., Ltd.

Lu Zhichun, general manager of the kitchen electricity business department of Guangdong Wanjiale Gas Appliance Co., Ltd.

Liu Liang, President of Zhongshan Dongling Weili Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Lei Lei, general manager of Guangdong soqi Industry Co., Ltd.

2018 Chinese household appliance innovation planner

Guang Meidunjian, assistant to the general manager of Guangzhou Gome Appliance Co., Ltd.

Kong Xiangjian, deputy general manager of Suning Tesco Guangzhou region

Zhao Ruitao, marketing director of Haier home appliance industry group Guangzhou center

Yang saiqing, director of Konka Group Office

Huang Huasong, director of marketing department of Guangzhou Shengshi Xinxing Gree Trading Co., Ltd.

high end equipment, core chips, control systems Most of the key materials rely on ye danpeng, chief brand officer of import Co., Ltd.

Fu Bo, director of the marketing department of Guangdong Wanjiale Gas Appliance Co., Ltd.

Xi Meng, director of the brand Department of Guangdong Wanhe New Electric Co., Ltd.

Lu Chuqi, brand director and chairman assistant of vatti Co., Ltd.

Fu Zhenhua, vice president of Guangdong Kangbao Electric Co., Ltd.

Guo Weixin, general manager of Foshan xinbaoluo Technology Co., Ltd.

Huang Chong, Secretary General of Shunde District E-Commerce Association of Foshan City

household appliances loved by consumers in 2018

Haier net self-cleaning air conditioner kfr-72lw/18raa21au1

Zhigao anion oxygen bar air conditioner

vatti jsqjh2.1 gas water heater

Wanjiale cxw-280-m7s European style close suction intelligent range hood

Wanjiale bx7 constant heating π commercial wall mounted furnace

.Kangbao cxw-280-at9008 (1) High suction range hood

Sochi ZTP u-PA light wave disinfection cabinet

Wanhe L8 gas water heater

power xqgdp 3D steam washing drum washing machine

Galanz w3a1g1 dishwasher

Meibo kfrd-35gw/bpg light luxury air conditioner

2018 innovative smart home appliances

Wanhe s2-l02z fire stove

Skyworth OLED flagship 6565 W80 TV

Konka oled55v1 TV

Yingxue magic call T8 intelligent range hood

vantage jzkd50 -Zk2a embedded steaming and baking all-in-one machine

Kangbao xdz90 SJ1 lifting disinfection cabinet

Ouyi cxw-238-c886aq (Ouyi intelligent hot air washer V7)

2018 forward-looking technology household appliances products

Sony picturesque series a9f&z9f

Wanjiale wqp8-fq7 hummingbird dishwasher

Wanjiale x7pro central high-end water heater

2018 the most competitive lighting products

juhao Hotel High end residential professional commercial lighting series

Opel Huawei intelligent reading and writing desk lamp

1918 post modern lamp

the most competitive enterprise in 2018

vatti Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Wanhe New Electric Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Wanjiale Gas Appliance Co., Ltd.

Xiaoxiong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Foshan Shunde Delma Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Konka Group Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan cherry Snow Group Co., Ltd.

(the above ranking is in no order)


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