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Li Ka Shing venture capital company Victoria Harbour investment AI start-up Youguang technology

the risk founded by Li Ka Shing means that horizon ventures, a ripple investment company, recently invested in artificial intelligence start-up Fano labs. The specific amount has not been disclosed. This investment is a rare thing for Victoria Harbour, because it rarely invests in start-ups. In fact, this is also the first investment in Hong Kong to maintain the cause of this failure

before reducing wear and tear, the Victoria Harbour investment founded by Li Ka Shing, the richest man, has invested in industry giants such as Facebook, Razer, slack, improved and spotify. Now, it has rarely turned its attention to Youguang technology, a start-up. This is the first investment made by Victoria Harbour to a local company in Hong Kong and also to an AI enterprise. Moreover, the investee Youguang technology is a company that has just hatched from the artificial intelligence accelerator project zero

Youguang technology was founded by a group of academics and is committed to assisting call center business with technologies such as speech recognition and natural language processing. Don't think too much. Robots are not fully qualified for this kind of work, but these technologies can help call centers operate more effectively

call center supervisors can use Youguang technology to listen to the sawtooth between all call center agents and customers, which requires forward communication records. Anyone who has called the call center has heard this sentence, "your call may be recorded", because these recordings will be checked again to ensure that the service of customer service personnel does not violate the law (especially in financial services). At the same time, these call records are also used to evaluate the work of employees, check customer feedback, and train new people

but the reality is that the managers of the call center don't have enough time to listen to all the recordings again, which is the breakthrough that Youguang technology aims at. Youguang technology can browse the recording logs of the whole call center and call out the recordings that should be checked again for busy managers. In this way, managers can get rid of the inefficient way of randomly checking recordings

"before this technology, managers usually can only check 1%-2% of all the total," Dr. wenhoff, CEO and co-founder of Youguang technology, said in an interview with techcrunch. "Some Chinese banks claim that they have checked more than 50% of the recordings, and they are lying, and they can't do it at all."

wenhoff said, "even if they do, the effect is questionable, because even the best record inspectors will lose half of the information points during inspection.". Youguang technology can select the key parts of the recording to ensure that the managers of the call center can check each recording efficiently

Youguang technology was founded in 2015 by wenhaofu, a doctoral graduate of the University of Hong Kong (HKU), and Victor OK Li, Dean of the Department of information engineering and IEEE academician of the University of Hong Kong. When it was founded, the company focused on developing chat robots to serve customers, and then shifted its focus to solving the problem of call centers

"this is a real pain point problem, and there are not many solutions to this," wenhoff said. "We have stepped up our efforts to enter the call center, hoping to build a market and become the best participant in it. This is very important for us, but in the long run, we will find new application forms before the market is saturated, and we will adjust our technology at any time."

initially, this startup focused on developing speech recognition technology for Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland dialects to help solve decoding problems. Now, Youguang technology can handle Cantonese, Sichuan, English and Mandarin, and its customers include real estate developers, utility companies and hearing aid companies

"from Siri and VIV at the beginning to Youguang technology, Weigang investment has always focused on voice and natural language processing technology with industry shaping nature. We are optimistic about this high-tech company, which uses artificial intelligence technology to improve key issues affecting interpersonal communication. Philchen of Weigang investment group said," Youguang technology's solution for multiple dialects has enabled Babel Tower to be rebuilt. "

translator's note: the tower of Babel comes from Chapter 11 of the Old Testament genesis. According to records, at that time, mankind united to build high towers that hoped to lead to heaven; In order to stop the human plan, God made humans speak different languages, so that humans cannot communicate with each other, so the plan failed.

Tak lo, partner of zeroth, which incubates Youguang technology, told techcrunch, "Youguang technology is committed to solving two important problems, analyzing the dialects of other parts of China and seizing the Chinese market. We believe that these two major problems represent a unique development opportunity, and Victoria Harbour investment agrees with us, so Youguang technology has become their first project to invest in Hong Kong. Wenhaofu is a typical founder of the zero accelerator project. Everyone has a firm determination to solve problems and specialize in It focuses on different markets and has the ability to learn quickly. "

Youguang technology now has 12 staff, and wenhaofu said that he would double the number of employees next year

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