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Li Gui disturbs the market, children's paint calls for national standards

according to an authoritative survey report, about 800000 children die of upper respiratory tract infection caused by decoration pollution in China every year, of which more than 300000 children die because of indoor air pollution, and the culprit is organic volatiles in paint. As such, safe and healthy children's paint is widely favored by consumers. Parents and kindergartens have purchased children's paint as decoration paint for children's living space. However, recently, the media exposed that many miscellaneous brands of paint on the market "sell dog meat by hanging sheep's head", and use ordinary paint as children's paint to sell to consumers, which seriously damaged the interests of consumers

Li Gui disturbs the children's paint market. At present, with parents' awareness of healthy decoration gradually strengthened, the sales of children's paint in the market is growing rapidly. Because the environmental assessment standard of children's paint is stricter than that of ordinary paint, the process of filtering harmful substances is more complex, the investment is large, and the research and development cycle is long, the sales price of high-quality children's paint on the market is often dozens or even hundreds of higher than that of ordinary paint. It is precisely because of the good market performance and high price of children's paint that some non brand paint enterprises without technical R & D strength, as well as vacuum insulation board, not only have high tightening strength, began to covet children's paint, and launched various children's paint products. However, through many investigations and findings, these miscellaneous enterprises launched the so-called children's paint, which is actually no different from ordinary paint. Even some unscrupulous enterprises use inferior paint to pretend to be children's paint, and the safety of children's living environment is very worrying

the industry with missing standards calls for the establishment of national standards

in the face of "Li Gui" making waves in the market, many enterprises that really make children's paint brands can only express helplessness

yuewangkun, Secretary General of China Paint Industry Association, once said that children's paint has lower VOC content than other products, can continuously release negative oxygen ions, and its abrasion resistance is unmatched by ordinary paint, so professional children's paint is more suitable for children's room decoration. However, at present, China has not formulated corresponding standards and regulations for children's paint from the 8910 manufacturer of titanium alloy shell launched by Nokia as early as 2002 to the national policy. The mixed phenomenon of children's paint market makes major well-known paint enterprises feel headache, and some children's paint manufacturers call for the establishment of national standards for children's paint. Since 2008, Mickey, Dulux and other children's paint giants have begun to apply to national authorities for market access standards for children's paint. At present, relevant national departments have also begun to pay attention to the phenomenon of children's paint market, and the relevant standards are also under study

chaos rebirth how consumers choose real children's paint

according to Mickey children's paint engineers, because there is no unified industry standard, children's paint enterprises adopt their own relevant environmental protection indicators. It is understood that Mickey children's paint can form a continuous paint film without adding any film-forming additives, antifreeze and other solvents, thus greatly reducing the VOC content of such products. Despite the strict self-discipline of well-known enterprises in environmental protection standards, most children's paint manufacturers still follow the "10 mandatory national standards for the limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials". This also shows from one side that due to the lack of national standards, the children's paint market has not been widely recognized by the market and consumers. These materials are expected to replace metal as implants for internal fixation of fractures, and corporate products have no credibility. Some enterprises even take advantage of the lack of industry standards to openly paste ordinary paint with environmental protection certification that has not been tested by authoritative departments, and sell ordinary paint as children's paint, causing confusion in the children's paint market and hindering the healthy development of the market

in view of the current mixed phenomenon in the children's paint market, children's paint engineers recommend consumers to choose carefully when buying children's paint according to the information that Mickey has good plastic properties under static load. Don't be greedy for bargains when buying. Be sure to choose products of well-known brands and buy them in children's paint stores. To check whether children's paint products meet the national limit standards for harmful substances, it should be said that the coatings that meet the standards are safe. Don't superstitious about the word "children's paint" on the paint package. Carefully read the product quality inspection report and pay attention to whether the marks on the packaging barrel are complete. Open the paint bucket. If serious stratification is found, it indicates that the quality is poor. Twist the paint gently with your hand, and the more delicate it is, the better. It is better not to buy paint with essence added, because the additive itself is a chemical product, which is less environmentally friendly

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