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Li Keqiang pointed out at the executive meeting of the State Council that we should further open the domestic express delivery market

Premier Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council on September 24 to deploy and improve the policy of accelerating depreciation of fixed assets, promote technological transformation of enterprises, support Entrepreneurship and innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and decided to further open the domestic express delivery market and promote fair and orderly competition between domestic and foreign capital

the meeting believed that we should expand all-round active opening, Creating a business environment in which domestic and foreign enterprises are treated equally and compete fairly is a major policy orientation that China has adhered to for a long time. At present, China's international express business has been basically opened to foreign capital, and the domestic express business in major cities has also been opened to some foreign-funded enterprises in batches. According to the commitments made by China when it joined the world trade organization, further opening up the domestic market and allowing domestic and foreign express delivery enterprises to compete on the same platform are conducive to forcing domestic enterprises to improve business management and service levels, so that consumers have more choices. At the same time, promoting the express industry to become a dark horse in the development of modern service industry can also promote the logistics industry to a higher level, further invigorate circulation, stimulate domestic demand, increase social employment, and actively contribute to stable growth, structural adjustment, and people's livelihood. The meeting decided to fully open the domestic parcel express market and issue business licenses to foreign-funded express delivery enterprises that meet the licensing conditions according to the approved business scope and business region. The meeting stressed that we should adhere to the combination of decentralization and regulation to ensure the orderly and healthy development of the express industry. First, improve the business license procedures and strengthen the qualification review. Simplify procedures and improve efficiency. Second, promote the coordinated development of express delivery, e-commerce and manufacturing in the flexible segment industry, smoothly connect with the comprehensive transportation system, and support the solution of the difficulties of urban express vehicles. Ensure that the barrier can not be delivered immediately after scraping. Third, encourage the merger and reorganization of express enterprises, set the material test time of the experimental machine through the controller, improve and implement the reorganization filing, foreign capital merger and Acquisition Review and other systems. Strengthen the management of agency and franchise enterprises, and seriously investigate and deal with illegal operations, operations beyond the scope, illegal agency and other acts. Let express, a sunrise industry, become more prosperous, create conditions for stimulating residents' consumption, and facilitate businesses and hundreds of millions of people

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