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Li Meng: high speed mobile Internet + artificial intelligence will become the mainstream picture of the future society

(photographed by Li Meng, Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology/Zhang Yulei)

■ China economic times Zhou Zixun

high speed mobile Internet + artificial intelligence, and then the deep integration of the two will become the mainstream social picture of the future world. And this picture will come faster than we expected. Li Meng, Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, made the above judgment at the 10th China Economic Outlook Forum held in Beijing on January 12 under the guidance of the development research center of the State Council and hosted by China economic times and the China Economic and National Research Institute

Li Meng pointed out that at present, a new round of industrial revolution and change in the world is evolving. Emerging technologies represented by the new generation of information, modern biology and high-end manufacturing have widely penetrated into all fields, thus driving major technological changes characterized by green, intelligent and ubiquitous. In particular, the arrival of 5g has made the Internet of everything possible, including mobile Internet, industrial Internet, energy Internet, car service IOT pushes us into a mobile society. At the same time, with the accelerated evolution of the new generation of artificial intelligence, we are standing at the threshold of an intelligent society. The future is not far away, just within the scope of vision

therefore, we should accurately judge the general trend of global science and technology and industrial development, and avoid subversive errors due to misjudgment. Li Meng said that focusing on the future social landscape, we should enhance our ambition and practical actions to establish our own leading industrial ecology, and improve the scientific layout, technical capacity, industrial ecology and social governance structure. What such a social picture needs most is a large number of enterprises to participate in the expansion of subdivisions and the construction of industrial ecology

Li 2. The main machine of the microcomputer screen hydraulic universal experimental machine adopts the lower cylinder type Meng said that facing the future, China is stepping up the implementation of the strategic planning of the new generation of artificial intelligence, deploying a number of major projects and industrial applications. This year, it will continue to build an enterprise open platform by deploying 16 tasks in terms of basic theory, key common technologies, new perception and intelligent chips. At the same time, we will increase the R & D and application of the new generation of Internet, and continue to layout R & D projects and infrastructure capacity-building in 5g and post 5g higher speed mobile Internet. In addition, it is also promoting the interaction between AI and high-speed mobile in the direction of deep integration from the aspects of scientific research, application and industrial development

in addition, Li Meng also said that we should choose an industrial technology innovation path suitable for the national conditions and the development trend of science and technology, and this path should adhere to the two legs of originality from 0 to 1 and industrialization and scale from 1 to N, with two-way interaction

at present, we should pay more attention to original research. Li Meng said that, on the one hand, the advanced layout in the frontier field of scientific and technological development is not satisfied with the great achievements of 1 to N, but according to China's needs, we should carry out the research layout of basic research and technological innovation in key fields, strengthen basic research and applied basic research, and strengthen the innovative development of leading technology, modern engineering technology, key generic technology, disruptive technology and other fields. On the other hand, we vigorously promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, especially the introduction of some incentive policies to continuously improve the scientific and technological content of the industry and the potential of the value chain

Li Meng believes that leading from 0 to 1, amplifying from 1 to N, quantitative change and qualitative change, the two interact and transform with each other, which not only form the development momentum of maintaining medium and high speed, but also cultivate the development potential towards the middle and high end of the value chain. This is the right choice for a late developing country whose energy consumption accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy

regional innovation is an important aspect for the implementation of science, technology and industry. Li Meng said that the vitality of regional innovation is a huge advantage of China, which should be further stimulated. At present, there are 168 national high-tech zones and 17 national independent innovation demonstration zones in China, accounting for 12% of the country's GDP. 1040 enterprises are newly registered every day, especially r&d investment, which accounts for 7.09% of the GDP in the zones, more than three times the national level. Among the top 100 Internet enterprises in China, 96 are located in the national high tech Zone. The development of high-tech zones has greatly accelerated the process from originality to industrialization

Li Meng said that regional innovation is a reduced version of innovative countries and scientific and technological powers. Of course, this reduced version is not isomorphic. From a worldwide perspective, there are several carriers of regional innovation, such as parks, innovative cities, and urban agglomerations. China has absorbed international experience and built a unique regional innovation work structure: first, the performance standard mt/t942 of mining anchor rope (2) 005 focuses on the improvement of innovation ability in several major strategic areas determined by the CPC Central Committee; Second, focus on high-tech zones and self creation zones; Third, focus on the construction of innovative cities and innovative provinces

the focus of regional innovation should change from the promotion of the original point, surface and line to the construction of innovation ecosystem and the improvement of system capacity. Li Meng said that R & D ecology mainly refers to R & D layout, talents, patents, scientific research institutions, etc; Industrial ecology is a high-end manufacturing industry and knowledge intensive service industry closely related to scientific and technological innovation; The capital supply ecosystem is mainly reflected in the improvement measures of venture capital, financial investment, taxation and so on; In terms of policy ecology, various regions have issued many policies with great efforts, but in all aspects of policy design, we should pay attention to mutual support and integration, form a joint force, and avoid policy fights, mutual restraint and mutual offset. We should also start from a small incision to promote the implementation and Realization of policies, such as promoting the reduction of the burden on scientific researchers, so that enterprises and scientific and technological personnel can really benefit

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