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Li Rong: down-to-earth service Zoomlion Engineer in Sichuan Tibet Plateau

Li Rong: down-to-earth service Zoomlion Engineer in Sichuan Tibet Plateau

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Li Rong is an after-sales engineer of Zoomlion Road Machinery Co., Ltd. he is 27 years old, a boy in Loudi, Hunan Province, and has joined Zoomlion for 4 years. Li Rong's optimistic outlook, positive and progressive, fearless of difficulties and dangers, careful and in place for customer service, has won a lot of praise

where the Zoomlion equipment is, the Zoomlion service is there

in early July 2011, the customer had a piece of equipment under construction on the Sichuan Tibet line, and needed the after-sales service engineer of Zoomlion to accompany the service. The Sichuan Tibet line is located in the Kunlun Mountains, with a high altitude, and is inaccessible, with a high risk factor. At that time, the company decided to assign Li Rong, who had just joined Zoomlion, to be responsible for customer service

Li Rong was a little surprised when he just received the task. He was the only one to go alone for this service. The environment of the Sichuan Tibet line was already cold and anoxic, and he had to carry out the new aircraft handover and inspection at an altitude of more than 5000 meters. Li Rong was just a little worried at first. However, at the thought of shaping the company's image in the hearts of customers, Li Rong finally summoned up the courage to go to the customer's construction site. After Li Rong came to the customer's construction site, he began to assemble the new machine and follow the machine construction for the customer against the discomfort of altitude reaction. Every service was professional and in place. For half a month, Li Rong experienced the test of weather and environment, and personally experienced the sentence "where the equipment of Zoomlion is, the service of Zoomlion will be there". The young man also grew rapidly in this service experience

details determine success or failure

at the beginning of May 2012, the company found that there was a problem with the accessories of an expired recycling equipment. To be cautious, the service department decided to thoroughly inspect all the existing equipment in the area. The workload was heavy and the time was tight

at first, Li Rong, who was in charge of this work, only prepared to check the individual problems in the notice. Later, his superiors asked for a comprehensive inspection of the customer's equipment, and Li Rong pinched a cold sweat. The Xinjiang area where Li Rong is located is vast, and the customer's construction sites are extremely scattered. Sometimes the road is not very accessible. Checking a construction site is like a trip. The equipment inspection of the whole area is a lot of work. However, Li Rong turned around and thought that he had to work hard. Details determine success or failure, and customers should be assured of using them. Therefore, Li Rong collected the current situation of equipment construction in Xinjiang, understood the construction location and construction situation of each customer, and then worked out an action roadmap under the principle of trying to avoid affecting customer construction and saving expenses. He drove nearly 5000 kilometers with the leaders of the service department for 9 consecutive days to communicate and implement the comprehensive inspection of the equipment. Finally, the equipment of Xinjiang customers were all "checked up" before the peak construction season. At that moment, Li Rong's heart was finally relieved

whatever it takes to meet customers

what is service? Service is to make customers satisfied! Respond and solve in time, and try to maintain in advance to achieve foresight

20136. Monitoring the experimental process: the experimental force, deformation, displacement, curve and other parameters in the experimental process can be displayed in real time. Li Rong was transferred to Guangdong area to help, during which he encountered such a situation. The roller purchased by a group has some operational problems. Because the customer does not charge maintenance fees, the operator needs to carefully dust and clean the equipment, which is not smooth, and requires that the equipment must be replaced. Li Rong decided to actively communicate with the customer first to understand that the weak rock mass operated by him refers to a part of the geological body including the geological layout, work overtime for training, and then list the factors that lead to his difficult operation one by one, and then give special feedback. Finally, the client can finally operate the company's equipment with ease, and has deep feelings for the Zoomlion brand

in 2014, a customer purchased an upgraded milling machine from the company for construction in the hinterland of Taklimakan Desert. Because it was a new model, the customer attached great importance to it, and the leader arranged Li Rong to stay on the project site for a period of time. The Taklimakan desert is scorching and dry, but Li Rong has to keep an eye on the equipment at any time to ensure the construction progress. Later, in this place where China's first atomic bomb test was successful, Zoomlion's products completed their mission and were praised by customers. Li Rong instantly felt that he had also sublimated with Zoomlion's brand

this is an ordinary Zoomlion service personnel. He has no earthshaking deeds, but he is doing down-to-earth work and performing his duties

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