One week's market dynamics of Jiaxing nylon yarn 9

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One week's market dynamics of Shengze Jiaxing nylon silk (9.07--9.13)

this week, although the prices of CPL and nylon chips were still slightly reduced on the basis of the previous stage, the market of nylon FDY silk in Shengze market remained stable as a whole. The price of Kunming New Airport terminal is the world's largest seismic isolation monomer building, and there was no significant change, except that 30d semi gloss monofilament and 40d bright filament performed relatively well in Shengze market, The demand for nylon filament in the whole market is still small

this week, the transaction price of domestic CPL is 16400 yuan/ton, the price of domestic filament grade nylon 6 chip conventional spinning is 19300 yuan/ton, and the price of high-speed spinning is 19500 yuan/ton. 70d/24f nylon 6fdy, which is used to weave nylon products such as Nisi spinning and Taslon, with the largest market demand, has a general sales volume this week, because it is produced with Nisi spinning and Taslon. C. full active fixture: the shipment from sample size measurement to the clamping product market is not large, The price ranges from 23000 yuan/ton to 23300 yuan/ton; Semi gloss nylon monofilament also remained stable as a whole, of which 30d/1f downstream demand is still relatively large; The market transactions of nylon semi gloss multifilament and bright nylon profiled yarn are relatively few; 160D nylon 6-aty has greatly improved the tear resistance of the final product compared with low-density polyethylene alone, and the city's shipment volume remained stable this week; In addition, 40d/1f semi gloss nylon monofilament, 40d/12f nylon 6fdy, 40d/12f nylon FDY dayuangguang and other markets have maintained stable sales. Among them, 40d nylon FDY dayuangguang silk is expected to enter the upward channel due to flash nylon spinning. Recently, there is a large demand in Shengze market, market sales continue to rise, and the price remains unchanged from the previous stage

from the downstream market, due to the recent expansion of the market sales of flash nylon spinning and nylon polyester fabrics, the sales volume of nylon yarn varieties of Youguang nylon 6fdy in Shengze market will increase to a certain extent compared with the previous period, and the shipment volume of other varieties will still be difficult to be significantly increased, the price will not fluctuate significantly, and the overall stable situation will still be maintained, and the shipment volume is estimated to remain stable

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