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One week's market dynamics of Shengze Jiaxing nylon silk (11..28)

in the past week, although the upstream CPL price has a callback market, the general self raised transaction price in East China has fallen to about 23200 yuan/t, and the price data of nylon semi dull chips have also moved down slightly, with the general market price at about 25800 yuan/t, but the overall market performance of nylon silk is stable, and the price trend is stable

from the perspective of variety trend, the trading volume of 30d/1f glossy nylon trilobal profiled yarn increased, and the market demand for nylon air textured yarn 160D increased slightly. 70d/24f nylon-6fdy total extinction demand is not large, the main reason is that the downstream weaving production is dominated by extinction polyester taffeta, so the sales trend shows weakness, but the market price trend is stable. 70d/24f nylon-6fdy semi extinction recently, the market demand has increased slightly, and the mainstream price of domestic products is about) 23000 yuan/t. Compared with this time last week, it can be switched to manual measurement mode, and the price is basically flat. It mainly produces nylon polyester spinning, nylon cotton silk, nylon spinning, etc. The transaction volume of semi gloss nylon monofilament Market is stable, among which 30d semi gloss nylon monofilament Market is popular, and it mainly produces nylon interwoven "glass yarn". Although the market price of nylon light profiled and nylon semi gloss multifilament is stable recently, the market trading volume is small. The buffer bag and bubble bag inside the nylon all elimination carton. The weaving demand of light silk 40d/24f in the lower reaches of Shengze Jiaxing City and Jiaxing City has increased slightly this week, and the price trend has remained stable, while the sales volume of 40d/24f nylon FDY with great extinction has fallen. At present, the price trend is also very important to maintain the stability of the fixture of the electronic universal testing machine, which is mainly used to produce shiny nylon textile fabrics

from the downstream market situation, the production and sales of nylon silk interwoven fabrics have basically maintained a balance recently, and the sales volume of nylon spinning fabrics is not large, but the market shipments of nylon polyester spinning fabrics are frequent. It is understood that this fabric has a wide range of uses, from plain weave to jacquard extension, and the deep processing of products is expanded, including coating, sanding, compounding, etc. the consumption of full dull 40d/24f nylon-6fdy will have an upward trend, However, the textile mills are cautious about purchasing nylon yarn, which is mostly in the pattern of "small batch and multi batch". Therefore, the overall market trend of nylon next week is mainly stable, but from the perspective of cost factors, the price trend of nylon may be stable and declining

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