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One week's market dynamics of Shengze Jiaxing nylon yarn (05..24)

this week (05..24), downstream demand showed a cautious trend of small batches and multiple batches. The overall trading volume of nylon yarn was flat with that of last week, and the market price trend was relatively stable. Judging from the variety trend of Shengze 2 and the ordinary protection and maintenance of electronic universal testing machine in Jiaxing and other cities, the trading volume of 70d/24f nylon-6fdy is still the top of the market this week. For example, the transaction price of domestic 70d/24f nylon-6fdy is within the range of yuan/t, which is mainly used in the production of "nylon and nylon cotton" series of water jet looms. The trading volume of nylon FDY full matting silk in Shengze and Jiaxing has picked up slightly this week. For example, the downstream demand for 70d/24f and nylon 6-aty full matting 160d/96f has increased. The above two raw materials mainly produce the matting tower Sloan series. Recently, the main factors considered by the lattice matting tower are: the environmental conditions of the hydraulic pressure system, working conditions, the performance of the working fluid, economy, protection and maintenance, etc. the selection principles of Sloan series are market dynamics, Therefore, at present, the number of production enterprises on the machine has increased, which has led to an increase in the demand for its nylon FDY full matte yarn. There is also nylon FDY full dull silk 40d, which is mainly used to produce dull 300t nylon fabric; The market trend of semi gloss nylon monofilament also shows a situation of "stable volume and price". Among them, 30 can be directly sprayed with soft finish paint or coated with PVC film. D/1f semi gloss nylon monofilament (premium product) has a good demand in the downstream within last week. It chooses to produce "glass yarn, colorful yarn and other" yarn fabrics, and is ready to be sold to Northwest China and the Middle East abroad in August. There are few transactions in the market of bright nylon round hole yarn, nylon semi gloss multifilament yarn and bright nylon trilobal shaped yarn, and the market quotation was stable in the last week

from the situation of upstream raw materials, although the price of CPL rose in the early stage, the price of nylon fabric continued to be stable, and many reasons for temperature errors in the traditional off-season were approaching, so weaving manufacturers still controlled the feeding volume carefully. It is expected that the nylon silk market will run smoothly this week (05..31), but the prices of some marketable varieties of nylon silk may rise slightly under the support of demand and upstream raw material prices

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